Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ward 5 CM McDuffie announces his intent to run in next year's election

From Washington Post's Tim Craig.  You can click on the article link to read the entire article:

Mendelson, Cheh, McDuffie and Bonds plan reelection bids

By Tuesday, April 30, 12:45 PM

One week after District voters went to the polls for a special D.C. Council election, there is already some clarity about next year’s council races.

When asked Tuesday, council members Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3), Anita Bonds (D-At Large) and Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) all said they plan to seek reelection next year. And Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, who won in a special election last year, also plans to run again.

All four will have to compete in the Democratic primary, which is scheduled for April 1 but could be changed to mid-June.

“I’m definitely running,” McDuffie said, while standing near Cheh at a breakfast meeting Tuesday.
“I’m running,” Cheh said.

“We’re running,” McDuffie said.

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