Wednesday, April 24, 2013

mugging this afternoon in the Park at LeDroit

See this message from a 1st Street NW resident:
At about 1:08 pm this afternoon, I was walking towards T street on Second NW.
I saw a young man stumble towards the corner looking disheveled and confused.  When he turned my way I could see had blood all over his face.

He said he had been jumped by three young black men whom he had walked passed when going through the Park at LeDroit. They followed him and jumped him about half way down T punching him and smashing his head into a car and breaking the front window glass.  Thanks to a young woman neighbor across T-street who yelled at the guys and scared them off, the victim got away with what looks like a broken nose.  

The paramedics came and took him away before we got his name, and two of us gave statements to the police.

There was not a great description of the three kids who did it...the victim could have said more, but they jumped him from behind.  
Be careful out there.

It was a stupid and completely illogical crime of opportunity. 

On a day as beautiful as today there were folks everywhere. 

At least 5 people surrounded the victim in the first 3 minutes after the attack.


Eckington resident Ileana Schinder posted a question to MPD-5DYahoogroups.  5D Captain Beach responded.
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Subject: [MPD-5D] Mugging this afternoon
Ms. Schinder, thank you for the information and your assessment was spot on, no one should be the victim of such random attacks in our Nation's Capital.
The incident that you so vividly described did occur today and was indeed reported to the Metropolitan Police Department thru 9-1-1 calls that were received by our Office of Unified Communications at 1:20 PM.  Units 3019 and 3063 from the Third Police District were dispatched and took a police report for an Assault under report numbers 13-053-581.
A review of all calls for service today in the Fifth Police District revealed that we had no calls for service involving assaults of any kind today from 12 noon to the present time, 5:45 PM.
Third District Patrol Commander Kishter has been made aware of your posts as was Inspector Medina of the Third District Sub Station.
As always, we appreciate all of your observations, issues and concerns. If you witness such assaults, call 9-1-1 immediately and attempt to relay as much information as possible to include suspects clothing, physical descriptions, vehicles make, model, style, color and tag numbers and any weapons used. 
Mark Beach
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Subject: [MPD-5D] Mugging this afternoon
This is a link from the Bloomingdale listserv. Do you have any more info?
Here's the link:


Ryan Eades said...

Wow. Really sorry to hear this. Was it Ledroit Park or Anna Cooper Circle that he walked through past the three men? Doesn't matter much, just curious, obviously vigilance is necessary at all times.

Unknown said...

Sorry, Anna Cooper Circle.
BTW we called 911 and they sent paramedics but they did not send police. The paramedics called the police about a half hour later. Not sure if or how that ball got dropped. But once the police and detectives showed up they were super pro.

Ryan Eades said...

ABC 7 reported on it too: