Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zach Sherif: adorable found puppy urgently needs home

This guy who has a truck and works in the area (I know him) found this adorable puppy last night - not sure exactly where - but it wasn't in Bloomingdale and this little pup needs a home urgently!  This trucker doesn't know what to do with him and will likely take him to a pound sometime tomorrow or the next day as his wife is allergic.
This precious little baby boy is super smart and very friendly - he seems like he hasn't been wandering around for long at all - I was playing with him and he is clean and bathed, seems to follow commands like sit, stay, etc.  Somebody was obviously taking great care of him.  I would say he is likely around 6 - 7 months old and seems to be a terrier of some sort.  If anyone knows this breed please let me know - he seems like a pure bred to me?!?!
He has the cutest face (sorry really bad phone pic - doesn't do him justice at all!), this long fascinating skinny tail, a broken gray/black coat, is about 13' - 14" tall, perhaps 14lbs and is really and truly loving and super special!  I was going to foster him - but I brought him home for an hour to meet my 3 dogs and well... let's just say it didn't work out all that well! 
Anyone up for fostering him or better yet adopting him!?!?  Someone is going to luck out on this little pooch!  He seems to have a super disposition, is a total love bug and is just gorgeous!!!
He is free - I just want to find him a loving home and not see him go to a shelter!!!  
Email Zach at zpnyc09@gmail.com if interested!  Thanks! 


Kelly said...

Sounds like he belongs to someone. It might be best to contact the shelter immediately, to make sure that no one is looking for him. Also, you should find out where he was found and then contact that local shelter. He might have a family searching for him.

Unknown said...

Don't bring to shelter unless it's this shelter. Only a 20 minute drive into Takoma Park.

A no-kill shelter.

Alexandra said...

Actually, Lucky Dog or a similar organization in the area (non-shelter dog fostering) might be a better bet. Also, posters in Big Bear, Windows, etc!? Good luck and thank you!