Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WCP Y&H: "The chosen glassware at The Red Hen"

Another post about Bloomingdale's Red Hen from the Washington City Paper Young and Hungry column:

The Chosen Glassware at The Red Hen

One of the more random things you'll find at Bloomingdale's new grill-centric restaurant The Red Hen: "Heroes of the Torah" glassware.
The glasses, which have faces of famous rabbis on them, come from Fishs Eddy in New York. Chef and co-owner Michael Friedman apparently had to have them; his dad had "Heroes of the Torah" trading cards growing up in the Bronx.
Initially, the plan was to use the glassware for special cocktails: co-owner and beverage guru Sebastian Zutant wants to create a Negroni with Manischewitz as well as a flaming drink which he'll call the Mazel Tov Cocktail.
Zutant has since ordered six more cases, so there's a good chance Yitzchak Spektor will be staring up from your water glass.
"There's a little nostalgia in there for Mikey," Zutant says. "And it keeps the atmosphere at The Red Hen light like we like it." L'chayim!

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