Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bloomingdale Civic Association FY 2014 election results

See this 10-23-2013 message from the Bloomingdale Civic Association Nominations Committee:
BCA FY 2014 Executive Board – Election Results
On Monday, October 21, BCA held its annual elections for positions on its Executive Board.  Other positions on the ballot also included 2 Mag representatives and 6 Delegates to the DC Federation of Civic Association.  For those interested, the election results of this election, in particular the ballot count, will be discussed at the next BCA meeting to be held on November 18.  Let’s congratulate our newly elected FY 2014 Executive Board, Mag Representatives, and DC Delegates to the Federation of Civic Associations:
President – Teri Janine Quinn
1st Vice President – Serita Sanders
2nd Vice President – Bertha Holiday
Financial Secretary – Jennifer McCann
Treasurer – Sherry Howard
Corresponding Secretary – Angela Prentice
Assistant Corresponding Secretary – Austin Pearl
Recording Secretary – Mathew Bader
Assistant Recording Secretary – Scott Roberts
Mag Representatives:  Mathew Bader and Paul Cerruti
Delegates to DC Federation:  Bernadette White, Sherry Howard, Diane Barnes, & Robert Brannum (Life Member)

And see this message from Bloomingdale Civic Association presidential candidate John Salatti:

From: John T. Salatti <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:15 AM
Subject: Congratulations to Teri Janine Quinn
I congratulate Teri Janine Quinn on her victory at Monday`s Bloomingdale Civic Association election.  She has worked hard the last three years and so I look forward to her continuing her push to make Bloomingdale a better place.  As Teri Janine said before voting began, she had made some intentional changes in her life a couple of years ago so that she could do things that matter and that make a difference for people.  I applaud her values and will work with her to achieve both goals in our community.  We have met a few times just to talk and learn more about one another and we have plans to do so again in the next week or so.  This opportunities to talk issues and just have some fun are ways to ensure that we stay on the same page and work together for the best of Bloomingdale.
Please join me, please join us, please join the BCA and see what can really happen in this neighborhood!
Have a great day!
John T. Salatti
(202) 986  -  2592
``Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale``

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