Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GreenPaws closing; space to be used for Bacio Pizzeria seating

See this sad message:

To our Bloomingdale family,

We are so sorry to tell you that after three wonderful years, we are closing Green Paws. The decision was a difficult one. Our tiny little shop has been struggling for a while in this weak economy, and ultimately the arrival of a giant corporate pet food retailer so nearby meant we had even more difficulty competing. We really have grown to love our neighborhood dogs and cats (as well as their people!), and we promise to always have special little treats available for our four-legged buddies downstairs at Bacio. Speaking of Bacio, here is the silver lining: we are going to expand, and use the upstairs space for seating. We hope you can look forward to a low-key, family-friendly dining experience where you can enjoy the pizza you’ve come to love with a nice bottle of wine. We don’t have an exact timeline yet for all this, but we promise to keep you posted.

Our sincere thanks to everyone in the Bloomingdale and surrounding D.C. neighborhoods for allowing us to serve you and for having made Green Paws a special part of the community.

Paws out,
Atilla, Lisa & Miles


fabidu said...

I'm so sad to hear this! I love Green Paws and so does my pooch! :( best of luck with the future plans!

Unknown said...

Bummer guys, but I'm sure Bacio will thrive in it's expansion. Where will Larry get his hippy food?!

Alexandra said...

I am so so so sorry to hear this! You all have been wonderful. Grateful we will continue to see you and be weekly patrons of Bacio's!