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Bloomingdale Farmers Market Sunday: Take Halloween back for APPLES

The Bloomingdale Farmers Market operates Sundays from 9am to 1pm on the 100 block of R Street NW.

Hi BFM Fans,
CORN CALL:  The freeze hit Garner and he and his harvested ALL the corn in the fields yesterday.  This Sunday will be be a great one to buy corn and freeze it and also to cook up Mexican corn soup, corn salads, arepas, corn and coconut milk, corn cakes, corn and green chili, corn and beans topped with a fried egg...  
Did you see this article about heirloom apples?   It could have been written by the Reid family.
****Not too late to Take Halloween back for APPLES. *****
Yes, the kids will want them. I gave out 75 kid galas last year and only one kid said no. The rest were thrilled. You will get a GREAT price if you buy a bushel or half bushel from Reid to reserve kid sized galas or other apples to pick up from REID Sunday. email by Saturday noon.

It is a great alternative to all these ingredients in the Halloween candies and you can truthfully tell the kids that the apples are sweeter and juicier than the candies:

Cooking Demo at 11:  Kid Power
Passport Challenge for Food Day:  Food Arts, Scavenger Hunt, Cooking Demo.  Take your kids to the FOOD DAY Passport Challenge.

New and Notable:
*Fractal Romanesco or Romanesque caulflower at Truck Patch.  Their whorled heads have been delighting cooks (and mathematicians) since Roman times.   You can blanch the florets in boiling water, remove them, drain and then saute in olive oil with sliced garlic and some crushed red pepper.  Grate Pecorino Romano over it and serve.  Add a chopped anchovy to the oil to up the umami flavor.  Some capers are nice.  And this makes a good pasta sauce too.
*Panorama's Damien is baking real French Macarons in 5 or 6 flavors.  What are they?  Two almond meringues (no flour) biscuits enclose a ganache or flavored buttercream.  Sort of like oreos that died and went to heaven and were transmuted into angels.  Try the Madeleines dipped in teas for a Proustian experience.  Where will those tea infused crumbs take you?
*Green Tomatoes at all the stands.  The cold weather has slowed down the last of the red tomatoes but it is bringing up the green ones.  They are wonderful fried in panko crumbs or cornmeal.  So lemony.  Or made into chutney or jam…..
*Carnivores:  Painted Hand has great soup bones -- very meaty - I simmered up lots of broth a few days ago -- roast the bones and onions and carrots first before you simmer them.  After you make the broth, be Italian and use the meat for pasta sauce.  Humanely raised Veal is back at her stand. See below.

WHISKED! Cranberry Apple, Key Lime, Toffee Coffee Pecan Pie, Classic Pumpkin Pie and Salted Caramel Apple! Imood for a  Butternut Squash & Gorgonzola or a Kale & Feta Quiches are perfect for Sunday brunch or lunch after the market!
PANORAMA:   NEW:  French Macarons, Madeleines. Whole wheat, multi grain, rye, pumpernickel raisin (great toasted, spread with cream cheese or chevre or whipped ricotta -- a version of my childhood favorite), rustique, sourdough, baguettes, olive oil buns, breakfast pastries, croissants
REID's:  the widest selection of heirloom and modern apples in the region,. Asian pears (Olympic and Shinsheki), seckel pears, Bosc pears, seedless grapes, concord grapes, apples (Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Gold Supreme, Gala, Pinova, Yataka, Fuji, McIntosh, Macoun, Jonagold, Jonathan, Ida Red, Empire, Baldwin, Mutsu, Stayman, Northern Spy, Braeburn, Black Twig and other heirloom apples), and cider (apple grape, apple cherry, Honeycrisp and regular apple).
Try the Black Twigs this week.  It is red, small, juicy and tart but it is a great keeper that gets sweeter the longer it is stored.
KESWICK:  Ricotta, Quark, Yogurt, Chocolate Pudding, 15 different aged raw milk cheese.  Feta and other pasteurized cheeses.  Pimiento cheese.  Talk to Claude about cheese and fruit platters and what goes best with all the new beers.
NUMBER ONE SONS: Our favorite traditional pickles, kimchis, krauts, brines == all fermented the way they should be, so not only are they dilly-licious, but they are packed with pro biota  (like yogurt).  The best foods are cured or fermented – wine, beer, yogurt, sourdough breads, salume… yay wild yeast!
MOUNTAIN VIEW:  Such pretty broccoli!:   Kale, Chard, Beets,  Arugula, Radish Greens. Salad greens. Bok Choi, Tat Soi. Beautiful easter egg radishes, green beans, sweet potatoes, delicata, acorn and butternut squash. Sweet Hakurei turnips.  Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash look like golden acorns but they are so much better.  They really do taste like a blend of sweet potatoes and butternut.  Cut them open into 1/2 slices, drizzle oil on them and bake.  The golden color alone is worth plating.

GARNER:  SWEET CORN. collards, kohlrabi, white salad turnips. Green, Heirloom and field tomatoes, beans (wax, green and Roma), eggplants, zucchini, , peppers of all colors spilling out of those bright green bushels plus sweet potatoes (Red Covington and White O'Henry), green acorn, butternut,  festival, spaghetti and  delicata carnival winter squash.  Garlic. Onions. Mustard Greens. Boc Choi,  Pickling cukes and Straight Eights. All the summer squash. mustard greens, cabbages (green, savoy, napa), cilantro at last.

TRUCK PATCH VEGETABLES:  Did you see those Fractal Romenesco broccoli last week?  The best broccoflowers  (for decades, no one could decide if they were broccoli or cauliflower.  I say they are the best of both.   White and purple Cauliflowers, green broccoli too. Salad central. Butternut and Acorn squash, colorful heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, eggplant. arugula, mesclun, basil, spinach, kale, beets.

Truck Patch Meats and Eggs: Stock up for Oktoberfest with a dozen different sausages.   And from the pastured pork side of the farm: smoked bacon (slab and sliced), fresh slab bacon, sausages, uncured hotdogs, pork chops, pork steak, spare ribs, country ribs, shoulder butt, boneless shoulder roast, loin roast bone in and boneless,.  Only the early bird will get the tenderloin!  Amber hams and smoked ham slices.  also  feet, tails, hocks, leaf lard, salt pork, fresh and smoked jowl, fat back, ). Chicken, Turkey – ground and cut up.

TP is taking Orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys !  All sizes of broadbreast whites.
PAINTED HAND:  Humanely raised rose Veal is back this week.  Lots of great soup bones -- perfect for this weather.  Goat, lamb, eggs,
Sandy writes: "They were Holstein Jersey crosses from first-time heifers. Holstein farmers like to breed their first time cows to smaller breeds for easier births. These bull calves (and even the females) are not economically viable for beef production, but perfect for veal as they reach harvest weight weight quicker than the smaller milk breed such as purebred Jerseys. This season I have been procuring all of my calves from a single farm less than two miles away from a family that has been milking cows for three generations. 
Unlike commercially raised veal, these animals don't travel hundreds of miles from the place of their birth to where they are raised and then trucked hundreds of miles away to be processed. This year I also switched to a new USDA processor which is both Animal Welfare Approved and Pennsylvania Certified Organic meaning their standards of handling and cleanliness higher. An added bonus, it's closer to the farm, meaning the animals spend less time in transport and the farm's carbon footprint is reduced."
Is your bike ready for the perfect Fall riding weather?  Bike House is running our free bike clinic from 11-1.


We welcome EBT and debit* cards at the market info booth. We give you market tokens to spend at the vendors.
Did you know we DOUBLE EBT, WIC and Senior checks at the market?  Spread the word.

First and R NW 
Ted, Ted, Charlotte and Robin

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