Sunday, October 27, 2013

DDOT options for parking on the 100 block of Bryant St NW

See below:
DDOT Options for Parking on 100 Block of Bryant St NW           # of residents requesting

Option 1. No Change
Leave current parking regulations with no changes.
Option 2. Convert the 100 Block of Bryant Street to a one-way traffic pattern
This will allow parking on both sides of the Street during non Street Cleaning times thereby increasing the amount of parking space. Note that just up the street the unit block of Bryant already has a one-way traffic pattern. If the block becomes a one-way street, street sweeping parking restrictions would revert to two hours.
Option 3. Eliminate Street Cleaning
This will allow parking on both sides of the street negating the need to relocate vehicles during Street cleaning times. This would mean that we, the residents of the block, would have to keep the street clean ourselves. The sweepers that come on Tuesdays from March to October would no longer do so.
2 residents declined to complete the survey and expressed that they do not like any of the options that DDOT proposed and the issue requires further exploration
Where do we go from here?  The completed surveys were forwarded to John Salatti who has been in direct contact with DDOT and who also knows Commissioner Barnes the ANC Rep. I suggested that since only half of the block  responded to the survey perhaps Ms Barnes can reach out once more and invite additional comment from residents. Unfortunately I have to turn my attention to serious housing repair and also some family caregiver issues so I’ll be stepping away for a while but I am sure that other residents will continue to work with Mr. Salatti to move this matter forward.
Thanks again to all who took the time to complete the survey and state their preference.

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