Sunday, December 29, 2013

a thank you note from a Bloomingdale resident

See this message from a resident on the unit block of Seaton Place NW in Bloomingdale:


As this year comes to a close, I wanted to circulate a quick message thanking my wonderful Bloomingdale neighbors. In October, I had a house fire - on the unit block of Seaton Pl. NW - while I was out of the country. The initial news was devastating, but the resulting actions from the neighborhood truly warmed the hearts of everyone who heard the story and really provided some perspective. 
First Donnie aka "the "Mayor" of Bloomingdale, broke a window and entered into the burning house - placing himself in quite a bit of danger - to save my dog. He is truly my hero! As soon as the flames were extinguished, other neighbors - with a special shout out to Tracey, Andrew, Annette, and Dave - went into the dark, drenched, smoke-filled house, with ceilings caving in, to find my cat and also grabbed what valuables they could to safeguard them. The neighbors continued to take care of my animals and the house until I could make it home. 

When I tell people this story, they cannot believe how special my neighbors are and how they went above and beyond, ignoring the hazards, to help me and mine. I had always said that Bloomingdale was the best neighborhood - and this story only solidifies that! I am so very grateful and wanted to thank all those who helped and remind everyone in Bloomingdale what an exceptional little community we have in this corner of NW DC.

Best wishes to everyone for 2014!

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