Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seven Faces Barroom on the list! "Ten Places You’ll Wish Were Already Open"

More from the Washington City Paper Young and Hungry column - I have included the entry for Seven Faces Barroom below:

Ten Places You’ll Wish Were Already Open

Posted by Jessica Sidman on Dec. 31, 2013 at 10:00 am
Seven Faces Barroom
251 Florida Ave. NW
ETA: Summer
An all-star team of bartenders—Owen ThomsonPatrick Owens, andAshley May—is finally getting a bar of its own. The trio brings some serious cocktail cred: Thomson, who previously oversaw cocktail programs at Rangeand Think Food Group, now works at Bar Pilar. And Owens and May have built a following for their monthly Spirits in Black nights, where metal music inspires the cocktails. While the team is keeping most of the details under wraps, we do know Seven Faces will not be metal-themed. May says the 1,200-square-foot place will be “very laid back” and combine all the things that the three love about their favorite watering holes. And while of course there will be drinking, May assures there will be food, too.

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