Monday, December 23, 2013

new "Create McMillan Park" signs popping up in Bloomingdale

Some tweets sprang up about "Create McMillan Park" signs popping up in front yards in Bloomingdale.

I took a few pics.

In case you are unclear, the yards that these signs are posted in are from households that support the Vision McMillan Partners' plan for Bloomingdale's McMillan site.

These "Create McMillan Park" signs would not be alternative "Save McMillan Park" signs from the Friends of McMillan.

Everybody got it?


Daniel in brookland said...

Create a lawn with a row of pathetic saplings, in front of a grocery store and condos. Why? When we need real parks, great open spaces, great views. Your miserable government fenced you out for 30 years, brilliant!
The whole VMP process of forcing this development(ugly) on us, needs to fail. Aren't we sick and tired of papa mayor telling us from the word go, this is what you get,,his choice, not ours, no discussion, of all options, this is corruption. So you have your three minutes if you want to bother to testify your concerns, then the power brokers of this corrupt system will ignore you or Barry Danneker will take up all your time, telling us all about his heritage.. Just as the HPRB ignored us, and made a joke out of their own job, their own historic preservation laws,, the whole group that Gray kept changing around to get his compliant review board.
So now it gets even less democratic, as one man,one, the mayors special agent decides how your neighborhood will be for the rest of eternity.Come on friends get rid of all these hierarchical, oligarchical clique of cowardly incumbent hacks. Make your stand with McMillan, a Glen Echo style historic restoration eco-campus,, for your recreation,your community, your kids, our DC visitors. Had enough dictatorship?

Alex Dancingmantis said...

It's not very clear from the signs what position they support. Does anyone know what group is distributing them?

Unknown said...


I sent an email to both Tania Jackson and Anne Corbett of Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) to address this very question. To date, I do not have an answer for you. Either residents in support of the proposed plan are funding the cost for each sign (as is the case with Friends of McMillan) or VMP is funding the cost for the signs and distributing them.

I will let you know as I hear back. In the meantime, perhaps a person from the community who already has a 'Create McMillan Park' sign could address this question.

Mathew Bader
Bloomingdale Civic Association McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) Representative

TheCommiss said...

I love it! The buzz has started! CREATE MCMILLAN PARK! Residents who have long awaited the development of a park and a space that will provide housing, jobs and services for our neighborhood is upon us! So Get you yard sign and show your support to finally get what this community wants, DC needs, and you deserve! It's time to show your support! Look everybody chatting this one up so get on board! over 2/3 of the community like the plan but the minority is the only ones being vocal. Time to speak up, or better yet YARD SIGN UP! CREATE MCMILLAN PARK!

Jeff said...

Create McMillan park now!

Jeff said...

The time has come to accept VMP's 8 acre McMillan Park for Stronghold and McMillan to enjoy. We have fought the good fight folks!

Bloomingdale Resident said...

So where does one get these signs?

TheCommiss said...

Send me an email and I'll be sure to get everyone a sign!

TheCommiss said...

Send me an email and I'll be sure to get everyone a sign!