Friday, December 20, 2013

car break in near 1st and W Street NW last night

See this 12/20/2013 message from a Bloomingdale resident near 1st & W Street NW:

Some time between 11:30 pm last night (Thursday) and 6:30 am Friday morning, someone busted the back window out of a car window parked on the corner of 1st and W St NW. We called the police and they did a report. The police officer said that usually, the people who do these crimes, bust out the windows of several cars on the same block. I don't believe that they broke into anyone else's car that I could see. It also didn't appear that they took anything out of the car. Please look out for your neighbors and be vigilant with the recent crimes that have taken place in our neighborhood. Also, don't leave any valuables inside your car.

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