Sunday, December 29, 2013

new traffic camera at 1st & R I Ave NW starts tomorrow -- for "intersection speed"

See this DCist article on the new set of traffic cameras being activated throughout the District tomorrow, Monday, 12-30-2013.

On Monday, the city will begin issuing tickets for new traffic cameras activated in late November.

More than 100 cameras were installed as part of the Street Safe program to combat issues including blocking the box, pedestrian safety at crosswalks and running stop signs. The locations of the cameras can be seen both on Street Safe's website and on this map. The spots "were selected based on a variety of criteria, including sites with crashes and injuries, calls for service, high speed volume, near schools, or in zones prohibited for use by certain commercial vehicles," according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

So how hefty will the fines be? It depends on the offense. Red light violations carry a fine of $150, while "overtaking a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian" will cost you $250.

One of the new traffic violation cameras is located in Bloomingdale at 1st and Rhode Island Avenue NW.

Which new category?

"intersection speed"

Here is the master list of new violation categories of traffic cameras and their associated fines:

Violation Category   Violation Code  Violation  Fine
Red Light       T113  Red Light$150
Speeding   T118Speeding 1-10 mph over limit$50
T119Speeding 11-15 mph over limit$100
T120Speeding 16-20 mph over limit$150
T121Speeding 21-25 mph over limit$200
T122Speeding 26 + mph over limit$300
Gridlock   T206Failure to clear an intersection$50
Pedestrian Safety   T128Failure to stop at a stop sign$50
T751Overtaking a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian$250
T759Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian$75
Commercial Vehicles  T167Overweight Commercial Vehicle$250 +
T339Over height Commercial Vehicle restrictions$250
T710Use of truck restricted route$150
Violations current as of 11/25/2013.

So avoid speeding through the 1st and Rhode Island Avenue NW intersection in order to dodge one of the hefty fines listed above.  

12-31-2013:   See the subsequent article on the subsequent delay of ticket-writing from these new cameras:  Planned rollout of new D.C. traffic cameras hits a snag


Paul Kirk said...

Yay! Another regressive tax!

Lockheed Martin gets the CIty to send tickets to people to pay $200 tickets. Then, Lockheed gets half! It gets better, when you get a ticket, it's from the Police, and when you don't pay when they want you to pay, you pay double or the Police will put you in jail for driving a vehicle with a suspended license.

Most municipalities understand the unfairness, rigidity and twisted incentives that come with allowing a major defense contractor to profit from the 25mph limit on four lane Michigan Ave, or the 12 second green light southbound crossing NY Ave going into the 3rd Street tunnel. But, not the corrupt politicians in WDC.

In this City, money talks and that is why the principals of EYA received 25 acres of publicly-owned land with no RFP process, while the guy who put tens of thousands of their money in his pocket is in jail. If the City threw a flag on this transaction, it would have to throw flags all over the place.

“Corruption is theft from the poor"
Bishops of the South African Catholic Bishops' Conference.

VanRiperandNies said...

Hefty fines indeed!