Saturday, December 14, 2013

pic of a staircase at Bloomingdale's McMillan Sand Filtration site

See this tweet:

Stairs filtration site SW cell. project for storm water management.


Daniel in brookland said...

130 years of incompetent Water and Sewer service, decades of ignoring the flooding problem as long as it was a predominantly african-american community, irresponsible zoning approvals for any developer that put a project on the city council table , a completely miserable performance by our Office of Planning. So now we hav enough higher income white property owners, you get to suffer the "mitigation" of the mess. You really have to ask how a government like this can get away with such so much destructoin and still look it self in mirror. This is a disaster, DC WASA has created. Sorry DC Water is Life,, stupid, useless name change, typical of the wasteful embarrassment of a government.
Do we let them build this hideous, suburban office and condo mall , Mega City at McMillan right on top of the failed infrastructure?

TheCommiss said...

GET your boots on boys and girls cause the tide of poop is coming your way. What MR. Wolkoff is talking about is the TEMPORARY holding tank being used at McMillan Sand Filtration site to help stop flooding in Bloomingdale for like 30 homes. 30 homes know to flood for years.... not because of anything he speaks of but due to the nature of 3 hills and water flows down. These folks got whack a few years back with an usual amount of rain from an historical derecho. So being vocal they convinced DC Water to build this $150 temporary mitigation plan that will tear up the hood for awhile. What they really should have done is made the city buy another boring machine for the permanent Tunnel Project that would have gotten quicker results. So Bloomingdale here your taxes going to waste on a half baked fix!