Monday, December 30, 2013

hey! received the now-required notices from my insurance company on "flood coverage and sewer-line backup coverage not included in a standard insurance policy"

Recall the legislation spearheaded by Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie requiring insurers in the District of Columbia to explicit advise that standard homeowner policies and renter policies do not include flood coverage or sewer-line backup coverage?

I have to admit that I do not recall if I subsequently received notice from my insurance company.

In any event, I received such notice today in the mail from my insurance company.

CM McDuffie's legislation is mentioned in the "Dear Policyholder" letter.

I have also included copies of the two separate notices from the insurance company -- one for flood coverage and the other noticed for sewer-line backup coverage.


Bloomingdale Resident said...

I just received these notices from my insurance company, as well.

I am willing to bet that more neighbors would prefer receiving a letter with good news about "The Flood Assistance Fund Amendment Act of 2012" than this insurance notice.

Happy New Year!

Mari said...

I have State Farm as well and got such a notice.
Ok. Now what? Do I have to add on for extra cost to cover flooding by sewer?
Hopefully our well meaning, but short sighted government leaders won't make rules that will make us like Florida. I have a property there, the amount I pay in insurance is ridiculous, because the state wanted to make sure everyone gets covered in case of a hurricane.