Sunday, December 22, 2013

Florida and R NW bus: now tenanted?

See this 12/21/2013 from a Bloomingdale resident:
Do you have any idea how to contact the folks behind that bus/restaurant eye sore at Florida and R? It appears that someone has pried open the door and taken up residence by he blankets visible inside.  I know, big surprise.  Any thoughts on what can be done? Can we have it towed or impounded?

(The image of this location below is from July 2013 and is not current.)


Anonymous said...

An appropriate outcome for this lovely entity.

Mike said...

Last I heard it was the owners of the Fojol Brothers food truck.

mdb said...

Yes. And I'm happy with it staying there.

Unknown said...
there hasn't been an update to this timeline in ages, but when it showed up they were serving dinner along side with the fool bros truck.