Friday, December 13, 2013

McMillan Park Reservoir Historic District signs erected -- NOT

See this tweet and pic regarding the McMillan Park Reservoir Historic District:

Reservoir Historic District street signs go up around the Park in ?

The McMillan Park Reservoir Historic District is listed at the District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites Street Address Index.


Unknown said...

This is a confusing post (maybe I'm misreading something). To the best of my knowledge no such signs exist (although haven't been up to that intersection in a day or two). At the McMillan Advisory Group meeting last night, we agreed that the Historic Preservation Committee would look into the feasibility of having such signs placed around the site.

So unless someone can correct me, no such signs actually exist.

Mathew Bader
Bloomingdale Civic Association McMillan Advisory Group Representative

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Are we victims of creative PhotoShop?

Shipsa01 said...

Yes, this was just a photoshop so people could see what a sign might look like - they do not actually exist. (the block numbers weren't changed in this photo either.)

Daniel in brookland said...

You can call building a Suburban office Park, condos, 50 buildings and a big square lawn, historic preservation, if you want to distort the intent of the laws.You can call the row of forlorn antiquities historic preservation, but we know what kind of manipulation and farce is being committed here, by political insiders and their client development team.. As the Office of planning tells us thousands of new residents are moving into DC, so let them take up the old industrial sites, and renovate the derelict houses. Make park-side multiple units with park views like a properly planned city. The DC govt. is serving nobodies best interest taking this magnificent open space, planned by Sen. McMillan and Olmsted , giving it away to planners and architects with minimal skills to re-develop this site, which will be lost forever, while all these new families coming to live here surely need this park, as all of us need this park, and more parks. When you think of 365 days a year art/performance/theatre/music and classes at Glen Echo in W. Bethesda, you realize how poorly served we are by this govt, mayor, and city council.
I see a City Market in a brick pavilion compatible with the park, right down to the tile roof, another as a skating rink, carousel, art residences, restaurants like Union Market, Museumsin adaptive-re-use of the under-surface galleries. A training program to teach masonry, carpentry as the park is restored.
Isn't this simply pathetic, that we have to fight, force, ando organize to get the Mayor and City council to reach the 21st Century in urban planning. This "Smart Growth" is STUPID! We have to stop the UNILATERAL disposing of McMillan by convicted felons like Harry Thomas Jr, and Michael Brown, and Kwame Brown, and a mayor who was elected by massive fraud. If any of these power brokers were honest it would still be a huge mistake, take it back, it belongs to YOU. We need proper historic preservation not a bunch of signs. Stop Mayors Surplussing of McMillan. We hired a manger and got a dictator!

Nope said...

It was satire and not done on the level of The Onion.

mona said...

I knew something was up with the sign when I saw it was on the 1700 block of channing and the 1900 block of 1st st and in NW. That didn't make any sense.