Tuesday, December 24, 2013

urgent holiday help! Rodolfo the White Reindeer missing from Bloomingdale Park

Sent:Tue 12/24/13 12:53 PM

Dear Neighbors Close & Far......your help is needed!
Please share via regular media, social media and with family & friends....
Rodolfo the White Reindeer (cousin of the famous Rudolf - the Red Nose Reindeer) has gone missing for the last few days, from our wonderful Park at the Heart of Bloomingdale ( triangular area of Rhode Island Avenue, 1st and T Streets NW) the one with the Bicylce Fence by resident Landscape Designer and Artist Tom Noll.
Maybe he went shopping or for a walk and got lost....or has been kidnapped....but his cousins Alexandra, Tatiana & Nicholas miss him and are still waiting for him at the park with the Snow people to help Welcome the New Year and for the pics that children of all ages like to take at the park. It has become a mini-artsy tour attraction that people around WDC are starting to notice and visit.
For the past 4 years, since Tom cleaned, renovated, has maintained and decorated the park and bicycle fence for major holidays; we have been blessed with Not Having Anything removed/borrowed from it or our home - till now....please bring Rodolfo back to his empty spot - no questions will be asked....
***While we are on the subject of this great park, if there were any way that the neighbors and members of ANC could try to get the City to give us some source of light for the park (from the street lamp posts) have seen it in other neigborhoods- Tom could even work some more wimpsical fun when decorating for major holidays. As there is no real source of water at the park, we thank Diton at Rustica Taverna for providing water to keep both gardens flourishing year round.
With Tom we do wish All of you a Very Happy Holiday Season & Many Blessings in the New Year!
José Alberto 

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