Monday, January 19, 2015

ANC 5E07 Commissioner Bertha Holliday: "update #2 on 1833 1st Street NW pop-up"

See this message from ANC 5E07 Commissioner Bertha Holliday:
UPDATE #2:   1833 First St., NW  POP-UP

Many persons residing in ANC 5E07 have expressed great concern about the ongoing construction of a 2-story pop-up plus a roof-top deck at 1833 First St., NW, which is zoned C-2-a  (this zoning  allows buildings up to 50 feet in height as a matter of right). 
Consequently, I have actively collaborated with about 15 neighbors living in the near vicinity of the property, as well as with Teri Janine Quinn, BCA President.  These neighbors and I have developed a fairly comprehensive listing of concerns, and secured various pertinent regulatory, legal, and permit review information.
During the past two weeks, I personally have visited the site several times to ‘eyeball’ neighbors’ concerns, and made/sent more than  20 phone calls/emails to DCRA, Office of Zoning, and DDOT  requesting information and compliance inspections.   Teri Janine and neighbors have made similar inquiries.  In most cases, the responses received were unsatisfactory.   Major concerns involve the unusually fast pace of construction vs. the seemingly exceptionally slow pace of compliance inspections; explanation as to how various potential zoning issues  flagged during permit review were resolved; status of current construction compliance with approved plans;  the reduction in the width of an easement, which has limited some neighbors’ abilities to get  supercans to alley;  the very recent execution of a covenant that includes the addresses of 3 neighbors who are most affected – but without any notification  to these neighbors; and blockage of alley by unattended construction  vehicles, equipment, and materials.
Based on efforts and problems to date, I have arranged a meeting with DCRA officials and neighbors on WEDNESDAY, 1/ 21/15/ FOR THE PURPOSE OF OBTAINING INFORMATION ABOUT THESE CONCERNS AND IDENTIFYING POSSIBLE REMEDIES.  
If you are interested in attending, please contact me IMMEDIATELY AT:
I extend my thanks and admiration to neighbors who have demonstrated their concern and taken action!
Bertha Holliday
Commissioner, ANC 5E07
“Serving Bloomingdale; Building Community”

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