Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bloomingdame comments on the C-2-A-zoned 1833 1st NW pop-up

See this tweet and pic:

Zoning regs may ok adding this much load to 100+ yo rowhouse , but does a structural engineer think is wise?
8:18 AM - 24 Jan 2015


Nate said...

Well a structural engineer had to opine on it and engineers at DCRA signed off on the work. So, yes.

Citizenalpha said...

Having been through the permitting process at DCRA and seeing how they operate down there, in addition to being told by multiple parties that you just simply need to "know the right people", none of that inspires confidence.

Bloomingdale Resident said...

This building was all new construction, not a pop up, but when I see a pop up, I think of what happened to this building on H Street, NE. The owner of the building has done projects in Bloomingdale.

Bloomingdale Resident said...

One more comment - many neighbors expressed concern about the structurally integrity of a condo conversion in our neighborhood. If a wall is bowing in the original state, how does it support a pop up? Did DCRA check this structure before issuing a permit? I don't think so,

Can't find it on this blog, but there were some comments here: