Friday, January 23, 2015

message from North Capitol Main Street: see the NCMS-corridor grocery stores that are participating in DC Central Kitchen's Healthy Corners program

See this message from North Capitol Main Street:

Are you familiar with the DC Central Kitchen's Healthy Corners program?

Here is some info:
Healthy Corners is DC Central Kitchen’s partnership with corner stores to deliver fresh produce and healthy snacks to low income areas without convenient and affordable access to grocery stores. DCCK sells the produce to the corner stores at wholesale prices and in smaller quantities than they could acquire through a conventional distributor. The stores sell the produce at below-market prices, making it an affordable option for the consumer. In addition to providing fresh produce for sale at the stores, DCCK develops new products that encourage healthy eating on the go, including fresh cut fruit, scratch-cooked versions of popular snacks and healthy ready-to-eat meals packed with wholesome ingredients. We also provide the stores with nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, marketing support, and technical assistance. The goal of Healthy Corners is to make healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone.
In the last year: 
  • More than doubled number of participating corner stores to include 68 locations, primarily in wards 5-8
  • Grossed more than $49,000 in retail earnings
  • Sold nearly 88,000 units of fresh produce and snacks

           Here are the grocery stores in the North Capitol Main Street corridor that are participating in the DC Central Kitchen Healthy Corners program:

  • Capitol Food Mart, 1634 North Capitol Street NW
  • DC Mini Mart 1828 1st Street NW
  • T & G Market, 1727 1st Street NE

Please pass this information along if you could.

And thank the store owners for participating in this helpful program.

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Unknown said...

DC Central Kitchen is the best! If you are looking for a local non-profit to support, I highly recommend DCCK.