Sunday, January 25, 2015

petition to Mayor Bowser for a moratorium on pop-up construction

I received this Email this evening -- posting for your information:

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 19:07:33 -0500
Subject: Petition to Mayor Bowser for a Moratorium on Pop-up Construction
Good morning,
I am a member of StopthePopDC and am writing to request that you inform your members about a city-wide petition to the mayor and other DC officials requesting an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up construction.  As you may know, "pop-up" is the name used to describe a single-family rowhome that is converted into multifamily condominiums by adding more floors and building massive additions in the rear.  Many District residents are extremely concerned with the increase in pop-up developments in our neighborhoods.  StopthePopDC is a community group working to curb the practice of pop-ups.
DC's Office of Planning and Zoning Commission are revising the zoning regulations to limit the size, scale and location of pop-ups.  However, any relief granted could be months away. We are requesting that city officials impose an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up construction until the new rules are in place.  
Please print 5-10 copies of the attached signature page and place them on your information tables at your meetings.  Please also print and include the petition letter and Mayor Bowser's letter, which are attached.  Please contact us at this email address or at 703-864-1148 or 202-460-9676  to arrange for pick-up of the petitions.
We also have an online petition for the moratorium.  Below is the link.  Please post this link in your newsletters and on your website and forward it to others who may be interested.
Please use the paragraph below or a variation of it when you post and share the petition online.
StopthePopDC, a community group working to curb the practice of developers converting single-family rowhomes into multifamily apartment buildings (“pop-ups” or “pop-up buildings”), is requesting your support on a petition to Mayor Bowser.  The petition asks the Mayor and other city officials to place an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up buildings until city agencies have revised the zoning rules (to address pop-ups) and put them into effect.  If you are a District resident, please support this request by signing the petition.  Please forward this petition to everyone you know.  For more information, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter (@StopthePopDC) and Instagram (  Thank you for your support. 
Please contact us with any questions by replying to this email address.  Thank you for your time and assistance.
Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter (@StopthePopDC).  


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