Wednesday, January 21, 2015

last night's ANC 5E meeting Bloomingdale-centric highlights: all three zoning exceptions/variances got ANC 5E's nod, contingent upon the Bloomingdale Civic Assn's vote of support

See this assortment of tweets from last night's ANC 5E meeting held at Washington Trinity University:

Regarding the three Bloomingdale zoning exceptions/variances voted upon last night -- all three received ANC 5E's support "contingent upon support by the Bloomingdale Civic Associaiton."

First meeting of 2015 off to somber start. Funeral arrangements announced for

at mtg: Teri Janine Quinn elected as Chair: Bradley Thomas as Vice Chair; Bertha Holliday as Treasurer  

at mtg: Edgewood's Sally Hobough elected as Corresponding Secretary & Corresponding Secretary; sworn in

new Chair Quinn adds pop-up resolution & nameplates to the mtg's agenda; now speaking; huge crowd attending tonight
mtg: Mike Pietsch of R-4 2007 1st St NW in seeking two zoning variances & 1 special exception for multi-story home
mtg: motion passes to support zoning variances & exception for 2007 1st St NW in , contingent on a nod
next up at mtg: zoning special exception for 115 V St NW; two nearby residents speak in favor; motion passes
mtg: owners of 34 V St NW in seeking zoning special exception for a deck; nearby neighbor supports; motion passes
next up at mtg: 's pop-up zoning reg proposal; Cmmr Holliday suggests adding arch design to proposal
at mtg: motion passes to support pop-up zoning regulation, including Cmmr Holliday's amendments (bldg materials, etc)
at mtg: No word on the status of 's selection of a developer for its (Fla & Q NW) site

So this Monday's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting should be lively, with the same three zoning exceptions/variances up for discussion and vote.

And congratulations to Teri Janine Quinn being elected as the new ANC 5E chair -- and Bertha Holliday as ANC 5E treasurer.

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