Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kojo Nnamdi show on pop-ups in DC rowhouse neighborhoods -- Monday, 01-26-2015

The Kojo Nnamdi show on Monday, 01-26-2015, at 1:00 pm, focuses upon pop-up houses in DC.  

Monday, Jan 26 • 1 p.m. (ET)

Pop-Up Houses in D.C.

Some residential neighborhoods in D.C. are developing a jagged skyline as row house owners build up -- adding on vertically to create so-called "pop-up" houses with more floors than their neighbors. We consider the practical, aesthetic and zoning issues created by pop-ups buildings.

See this message from ANC 1B Commissioner Kent Boese:
I’m inviting you to tune in to the Kojo Nnamdi show on Monday, January 26th, at 1 p.m. which will focus on the issue of ‘Pop-ups’ in our rowhouse neighborhoods. I’m honored to be among those participating in this conversation.
Additions within our city’s historic rowhouse neighborhoods, commonly referred to as ‘pop-ups’, has been in the news a lot lately. Currently, the Zoning Commission is considering a proposal from the Office of Planning (OP) that would reduce by-right construction height within these rowhouse districts from 40 ft. to 35 ft.
We all care about how our neighborhoods grow and change, and many of us – whether you support OP’s proposal as I do (see links below) or support an alternative path forward – agree that significant changes to our existing neighborhoods need a process to manage that change effectively and fairly.
New development will and should happen in our city. However, we need a balanced, fair, and predictable process that balances the needs of residents and builders alike – a process that currently does not exist in D.C.
ANC 1A Resolution in Support of OP Proposal

Testimony of Commissioner Boese before the Zoning Commission
Kent Boese

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