Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rats eat dog droppings!

See this 01-22-2015 message from ANC 5E08 Commissioner Austin Pearl:

Rats eat dog droppings! 
Gross headline, I know. But I'm at the DC Water First Street Tunnel Forum and a representative of DC's Department of Health just made a plea for everyone to pick up after their dogs given recent rodent sightings. Apparently, this becomes a more likely source of food during the winter when there isn't much else.

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Jenifer said...

I'm also sick of telling people to leash their dogs and having them say stupid things like "I left the leash in the house," or "he ran out before I could stop him" or "he's not doing anything". It's my belief unleashed dogs are the source of many of the nasty steaming poops on our sidewalks and in tree boxes. Don't these dog owners know they are contaminating the water supply?