Friday, January 30, 2015

DC Water: neighborhood message re fencing on V Street NW

Subject: Neighborhood Message Re Fencing on V STREET
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 20:24:00 +0000

Dear FST Stakeholder,
DC Water’s Contractor Skanska-Jay Dee (SKJD) has successfully established the large crane at the intersection of First and V Streets NW.  The next step will be to begin excavating the drop shaft at the site. Excavation will start next week (the week of February 1) and will continue until late June or early July. The shaft will be approximately 80 feet deep and the soil removed from the interior of the shaft will be placed on trucks within the construction staging area and safely removed for disposal. To ensure public safety and the success of the operation, the west side of V Street will require fencing. 
DC Water has contacted all direct abutters and informed them of the need to add fencing to the work area.  All have agreed that for the safety of the general public, especially the children living near that section of V Street, the security fence is necessary and will be an improvement. Extending the fenced area will impact 6 on-street parking spaces in the 100 Block of V Street. Consequently, we are encouraging neighbors to take advantage of the Alternate Parking Areas (APA). Registration for APA parking is required.  Please visit the First Street Tunnel Webpage for your application:
Also, for more information about the project, check out the recent PowerPoint presentation to the Tunnel Forum dated 1/22/15:
Thank you for your continued cooperation with this important flood control project. As always, if you have any questions or would like more information please contact the 24/7 Hotline at 24/7 Hotline 1-844-FST-INFO [1-844-378-4636].
Sincere Regards, Tom
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