Thursday, January 29, 2015

neighbor reports daytime home invasion with property theft on the unit block of V St NW yesterday, Wednesday, 01-28-2015

See this 01-28-2015 message:

"Sad to report we were robbed today on the unit block of V St NW. Thank goodness all they took were two bottom-of-the-line TVs and an ancient iPad, and banged up some of our doors but still very upsetting for us and our young child to come home to.  We have a security system- but when we armed it from our phones, the arm command didn't take. The thieves then struck in the middle of the day. Kudos to the 5D police being great about taking a fast and comprehensive report and putting our child at ease.  For all- please be careful! 
If you have a system, arm with your security system panel before you leave the house, to be most certain.  Consider your other physical security options, and just plain be cautious- our beautiful Bloomingdale is still not as safe as we all would like." 

Q & A following the above report:

Question from a neighbor:

I would be curious to learn from the V street victim if they had their doors locked or if it was a break & enter.

Response from our V Street NW break-in victim:

It was a break and enter, doors were locked- they pried open and wrecked the frame, busted through the lock.

Plus this additional comment from the V Street NW resident regarding the home security system:

It is Vivint. We've had problems with the phone app recently (since a phone upgrade) and meant to contact them. That is on the list today.


Unknown said...


Do you know their security company? I want to make sure it's not the same company I have, and if so, I want them to fix the mobile issue.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

See the update in the post above from the V Street NW neighbor.