Thursday, January 22, 2015

ANC 5E08 Commissioner Austin Pearl: DC Water eliminating one shuttle bus at the end of Jan 2015, eliminating the 2nd shuttle bus in March 2015

See this 01-22-2015 message from ANC 5E08 Commissioner Austin Pearl:


DCWATER will be eliminating one shuttle bus at the end of this month, and the second in March. They're doing this because of low ridership, as apparently there have been months in which there have been only two riders the entire month. They've also gotten a lot of complaints about the shuttles themselves. 
That said, I'd like to know if anyone has any feedback. You can either email me directly or bring it up at next week's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting.

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Joe said...

The shuttle service was part of DC Water's mitigation package for Bloomingdale residents affected by the construction. I remember the community meeting when they first rolled it out. I am glad to see that they are evaluating their project spending, but I think that DC Water should use the funding they have left to continue to help the community impacted by this tremendous project. We still have a YEAR to go and it is about to get a lot worse for those living close to a CSA.