Sunday, July 21, 2013

a few slots now open for the "Suzuki Bloomers Violin Troupe"

See the message below from Bloomingdale resident Amy Beth Horman:

There are a few slots now open for the "Suzuki Bloomers Violin Troupe" - Suzuki Violin Lessons led by Amy Beth Horman available in and around Bloomingdale!
Amy Beth Horman offers weekly private lessons along with bi-monthly group classes for parent and child in the Bloomingdale area.
About the teacher: Amy Beth Horman is an avid solo performer and teacher in the Metropolitan Area. She holds the European equivalent of a doctorate in solo violin and has been teaching violin at all levels for 20 years. Ms. Horman currently runs a private studio of young violinists in DC as well as serves as adjunct professor in Violin Performance at both Catholic University and Montgomery College. She has given lectures on the Art of Practice to Performance at the University of Maryland, is a regular coach for the Chamber Music held at the Levine School of Music, and was a mentor for the Artists in Residence (AIR) program at Strathmore Hall. 
While Ms. Horman’s current studio focuses on intermediate and advanced playing, last year marked the first year in many that she made beginners lessons back available. As her own daughter, Ava,  began violin,  Ms. Horman found additional preschoolers to join her group in the Bloomingdale area, hence the beginning of "SUZUKI BLOOMERS VIOLIN TROUPE"!
About the Method: The Suzuki Method centers around the belief that all children can learn music if given the right environment, support, and example. Much like learning a language, the Suzuki method immerses the child in music allowing them to mimic slowly the motions and sounds they hear in an encouraging and rewarding environment. Private lessons and group classes are for both parent and child and can begin as young as 2 or 3.
Fees: 6 week session - $270 a student
This includes 6 half hour private lessons and three 45 minute group classes. Parents will be responsible for purchasing materials and the eventual rental cost of violins. This process will be made simple through our meeting detailed below.
If you are interested in taking Suzuki violin with Ms. Horman, please contact her directly . Like last year, she is planning a meeting at no cost for all parents interested entitled “Intoduction to Suzuki” to familiarize you with the Method and give everyone a chance to ask questions.  

In addition, there will be a performance using select members of the current group in the neighborhood next month, details to follow!

Amy Beth Horman
Horman Violin Studio
Washington, DC 20001

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Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Amy Beth Horman's private violin lessons sound like a great opportunity for Bloomingdale parents.