Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DC Water: traffic on 1st and V Street NW (traffic will not be rerouted through the alleys)

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From: Emanuel D. Briggs <Emanuel.Briggs@dcwater.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 1:40 PM
Subject: RE: Traffic on First & V Streets, NW
To: "McDuffie, Kenyan (Council)" <kmcduffie@dccouncil.us>, 
1st Street NW resident; bloomingdame@gmail.com
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Greetings Councilmember McDuffie and Concerned Residents-

I am writing this to hopefully clarify the confusion surrounding our current activities at First and V Streets, NW. As you will see in the attached notice, we are performing “soft dig” operations and land surveys in order to record locations of existing utilities, properties, borings and wells for future reference along the tunnel alignment. These activities are all part of ongoing field investigations which are critical to our pre-construction work.

In addition to the attachment, which provides detailed information on the work involved, please see other important information below:
·         Hand delivery of notices occurred on V Street, between First Street and North Capitol Street, and also on First Street, between U Street and W Street.  These are the locations with direct impacts.
·         Completion of the work will only require temporary closure of the portion of the parking lane on First Street at 2100 First Street and 2036 First Street, Accordingly, “No-parking” signage was placed at these locations in accordance with DDOT regulation.
·         There are no road closures as part of this work.
·         This work should be completed within two days; the notice bears a work schedule for one week to account for potential rain dates.
·         On the notice, there is no reference to utilization of adjacent alleys as ingress/egress points during this work.  Added to this, we have confirmed with our Geotechnical Team that there were no requests made by DC Water to temporarily install any speed limit signage into the alleys.

We do apologize for the confusion, and ask that you please let us know of any other questions, comments or concerns.

Thanks much.
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From: George S. Hawkins
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 12:18 PM
To: 'McDuffie, Kenyan (Council)'
Cc: 'tj quinn'; 'Mobley, Levonnia (Council)'; 1st Street NW resident; 'Mack, Barbara (Council)'; Emanuel D. Briggs; Lisa Barton; 'Mandel, Jon (Council)'
Subject: RE: Traffic on First & V Streets, NW

Thank you Council Member, I know of no plans to use alleys for general traffic but will check with our team to verify. George Hawkins
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From: McDuffie, Kenyan (Council) [kmcduffie@DCCOUNCIL.US]
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To: George S. Hawkins
Cc: tj quinn; Mobley, Levonnia (Council); 1st Street NW resident; Mack, Barbara (Council); Emanuel D. Briggs; Lisa Barton; Mandel, Jon (Council)
Subject: RE: Traffic on First & V Streets, NW

Constituents raised questions at the Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting last evening about the flow of traffic on First & V Streets, NW.  (See emails below)  Specifically, there is a concern that alleys behind the homes will become alternate routes. 

My Chief of Staff, Jeannette Mobley, reached out to Emanuel this morning. He advised he was not aware that the use of alleys was a part of the plan and would get back to us.  I want to also bring the concern to your attention as my constituents are concerned about safety as addressed in the email below.  I appreciate if you would give this matter prompt attention.


From: tj quinn [mailto:terijanine@gmail.com]
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To: McDuffie, Kenyan (Council); Mobley, Levonnia (Council); 1st Street NW resident; Mack, Barbara (Council)
Subject: Fwd: Traffic on First & V Streets, NW

Councilmember McDuffie,
This issue came up during the Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting last night. I just left a message for Emaunel. Can you help determine how this plan came to be and what may be done to avoid this outcome?

Teri Janine Quinn

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From: 1st Street NW resident
Date: Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 2:49 PM
Subject: Traffic on First & V Streets, NW
To: "michael.dulisse@dcwater.com" <michael.dulisse@dcwater.com>
Cc: "Emanuel.Briggs@dcwater.com" <Emanuel.Briggs@dcwater.com>, "terijanine@gmail.com" <terijanine@gmail.com>, "markmueller100@hotmail.com" <markmueller100@hotmail.com>, 
Mr. Dulisse,

I am in receipt of the letter that was left on our door on Friday 7/12/13, titled "DC Clean Rivers Project Field Investigations in your Neighborhood First and V Streets, NW".

The last bullet item indicates that (during the time that First & V will be impacted) "Traffic will be maintained..."

Can you please elaborate on how the traffic will be maintained?  Specifically, does that include any intent to utilize the alleys behind our homes as alternate routes? 

I noticed that recently, 15 mph speed limit signs have been posted (which is much too fast to traverse a two-way alley with people exiting garages and kids playing).  The alleys are designed to provide access to our garages and for trash removal and recycling.  Children play in the alleys and there is a significant amount of foot traffic through them. It should not be proposed as an alternate transportation route to places north of us.

The inconvenience due to blocking the intersection, the noise, parking restrictions, etc. are necessary inconveniences that we must tolerate in order to address the inefficiencies of our current water system and relieve flooding.  Having our alleys become roadways is not.

If you could answer these questions and assuage my concern on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated.


1st Street NW resident

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Jenifer said...

very glad to read that alleys will not be used for detours or whatever!