Monday, July 15, 2013

? any info on the two loud explosions on Friday, 07/12/2013 ?

See this message from a 2nd Street NW resident: 
I've been scanning the listserv over the last few days, in search of information about an incident on Friday, but haven't seen anything. I'm wondering if you could tell me if I've missed it, or if you could post this request on the listserv? On Friday afternoon, at approximately 6:15pm and 7:30pm, there were two loud explosions heard. They were not gunshots, nor were they car backfire. They were loud, earth-shaking explosions, which sent me running out of my house. 
I'm wondering if anyone heard them, and if anyone knows what they were.


Charles Richter said...

Probably more huge fireworks of the kind that have been going off around Hanover Place since well before the fourth, and which do not interest the police in the slightest, even when they are powerful enough to rattle windows, set off car alarms, and start fires.

mona said...

Where do you live?

Matthew Monahan said...

It was over by the Valero on Florida Ave, I live across the street. Just some kids setting off M80s.

Joe said...

They were just large fireworks. First was set off in front of Kelly Miller on W and 2nd sounded like it was closer to 2nd and W.