Thursday, July 18, 2013

shout-out to DDOT for its Surface Water Management project

See this message from a Seaton Condominium resident:

I must congratulate, and thank the employees of DDOT for the professional and hard work they did on Rhode Island from First to Second Street NW.  I live right at the corner of Second and Rhode Island NW and  I have been watching them these last few months working diligently in all types of weather.  They were professional and friendly.  Today, DDOT opened up the left lanes of RI  and before they did, the street was swept clean of any dirt or dust.  Yes it was inconvenient for all of us living on this block, but after the first couple of nights, it was not bad, and only once did I have to park more than a block away,. I would think residents of Bloomingdale  would rather be inconvenienced for a period of time, than to have the stress every time there is a heavy rain, or to have to clean up their homes of the  sewer mess one more time.  If people saw the size pipes DDOT put in the medium; common sense would tell you, this will relieve the flooding.  Also the fact more drain sewers where put in by the curb also has to help.  I don't live in fear of rain storms now.  The pluses of the work being done certainly will outweigh the inconvenience.  We live in a community.

I am sorry for the 18 month project those who live on Flagler will have to endure, we didn't have that long time frame,  but it will help hundreds of homeowners for many years to come, so in the long run, it is worth it.  I want to  thank those who worked the uncountable thankless hours last year when this flooding  was going on; from our own condo association President, Malcolm, to Community leaders, to our Representatives and DDOT, just so a resolution to this monumental problem could be worked out  for so many of the residents of Bloomingdale.

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