Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bloomingdale has a few new transformers from Pepco

See Bloomingdame's tweets from last night's planned and announced Pepco power outage around 1st and Rhode Island Avenue NW in downtown Bloomingdale.

Lights seem to be on & has croissants. seems to be done but still lots of trucks     

  1. And in with the new. Hope everyone has power early in the morning. Nite nite.
  2. . is drawing the late night crowd. Better than tv- wait, no power, no tv.
  3. old transformers are being pulled out.Another place they are soldering big cables- have an actual fire heating it Pretty cool.
  4. Diton was the only whose power went out at first. They have now turned off the rest. Just teasing you guys.
  5. lost power but no one else. What say you ? :)
  6. They are putzing with the transformers on the sidewalk. Looks like it could be a while.
  7. Everybody got their phones charged? Turn off (and unplug, if possible) electronics. Have your ironed clothes laid out 4 work

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