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Bloomingdale Farmers Market this Sunday: Bloody Mary parties, sauce, gazpacho sale

From: Robin Shuster Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013 12:02 PM
Subject: Bloody Mary Parties, Sauce, Gazpacho Sale

Hi BFM Fan,

We are open Rain or Shine, Heatwave or not. 

EXTRA!  MUSIC AT MARKET SUNDAY! LEDROIT CHAMBER PLAYERS. 10-1.  This local group of great musicians love to turn people onto classical music.  We are very excited to have them at market Sunday.  

Yes, it is tropically hot and humid in DC but juicy tomatoes (and stone fruit) are the answer. We have heirlooms at  Truck Patch, Mountain View, and Garner this week:  Mortgage Lifter, Brandy Boy, Green Zebra, Scarlet Red, Cherokee purple, jetsetter, Carolina Gold, Mr. Stripey, Biltmore, Sun Cherry, Sweet 100, Sun Gold, Black Cherry, Golden Treasure, Stupice. Czech Heirlooms, too.   Great for slicing and sandwiches and just eating, sprinkled with a bit of salt.  A platter of tomatoes fanned out on a white plate, sprinkled with salt to release the juices, drizzled with olive oil and topped with  basil pleases everyone at dinner.  It never fails to delight.  Sop up the juices with a good piece of bread.  If you like onion or shallots or chives, add them.  I am doing that here in Provence.  
Tomato Sale at Garner.  25 pound box sauce tomatoes, (ie seconds) $15.  These are not the ones I use for salads or mozarella and tomatoes or  Greek Salads.... but for gazpacho, Bloody Marys, canning, roasting and freezing.    Bernard is bringing 20 boxes-- first come, first serve and then there are gone.
*Plums the Word -- sugar Plums
*Semi -Freestone Peaches-   Glen Glo-- the best of both worlds
*Artic Snow White Peaches
 * Peach Raspberry Pie.  
*Allergic to Dairy?  Whisked now has a dairy-free crust -- Try the mixed Berry Pie with dairy-free crust.
*LOTS of cucumbers -- slicers, picklers, those trendy and delicious thin skinned Persians at McCleaf.  Make Cucumber Cocktails.  We have lots of cucumber recipes to inspire you.

And now for the details:

NUMBER 1 SONS:  Pickles. Pickles and all their fermented veggie cousins.  Of course you want a spicy pickle or  kimchi to beat the heat. Cooling Kraut and dills as well...

REID: Yellow and white peaches, sugar Plums, apricots, white nectarine. red and black raspberies, gooseberreis, currants, blueberries.  Apple lovers: Early Golds, pristine and lodi.

TRUCK PATCH FARMS:  Pastured Chicken and Turkey, whole and parts. Heirloom Pork in all its varieties: smoked bacon, smoked nitrate free bacon, pork chops, pork steaks, smoked pork chops, nitrate free pork chops, many varieties of sausage, country ribs, spare ribs, shoulder roast, boneless shoulder roast, loin roasts, boneless and bone in, scrapple, pork roll and other miscellaneous parts.    The early bird gets the tenderloins!  EGGS.

TIP: Brine pork in Number 1 Sons left over pickle brine.  Then grill.  Really really good and why waste all that good brine.

TRUCK PATCH VEGETABLES: Raspberries, Heirloom Tomatoes, okra,  green and purple beans, wax beans, squash blossoms, radishes, arugula, mesclun, baby spinach, kale, collards, swiss chard, beets, eggplants, 3 varieties of cucumbers and white onions.  Don't overlook the heirloom squash for their excellent and more concentrated flavor: costata romanesco, zephyr, Magdas. 

TIP: Squash flowers.  So easy to make.  Just stuff each one with a bit of goat or other good melting cheeese seasoned with salt and pepper.  Chives if you like.  The Italians throw in a bit of anchovy.  Twist the flower's end to hold the cheese in, dip in a light flour and cold fizzy water batter ( not gloppy, think tempura batter-- thick enough to coat lightly but not to clog).  Fry in either shallow or deep heated oil.  (Your choice) until light brown.  Turn and fry a bit more.  Remove and drain.  You will only be doing 2 or 3 at a time.  Serve on a platter.  The whole thing takes just a few minutes and everyone is always impressed.  Serve with a big salad.  
PAINTED HAND:   Rose Veal, Naturally browsed goat, veal burgers, dog treats. Eggs.  Check out her crock pot curry recipe with seasonal vegetables:

NORTH MT PASTURES:  Cured Meats, bacons, sausages, eggs and their meat CSA.

KESWICK CREAMERY  Free samples of all of their cheeses.  These are National Medal WINNERS.  And summer is certainly the natural time to taste them  (think Greece. Think Provence.)  Cucumber-tomato-feta cheese is the appetizer of the summer. Feta and Watermelon salad marry that sweet and salty so well.  Classic ricotta and mixed milk camembert.  Alpine Tommes washed weekly in local beer  or wine or cider.
Sample the best yogurt I know.  Mark's Pimento Cheese. Maddy's chocolate Pudding. 

GARNER:   Watermelons: yellow, red, seedless, sugarbabies.  Cantaloupe, Fascination melons, sun melons, red poatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Green, Wax and Flat Italian beans. Eggplants, Green Elephant Garlic ( more of a leek than a garlic),  Many different squash. Candy sweet onions, Oregano, mint, basil, okra. Primo Red, Cherry and Heirloom Tomatoes of many kinds, CORN.

WHISKED!:  Jenna says her Peach Raspberry Pie is "the most perfect pie in existence."   But she has also perfected a new dairy-free crust that she swears is equal to her buttery one: "All the flake and flavor without the butter."  Try it out with the Mixed Berry Pie.  On these hot days, you don't want to cook, so get a savory pie and a salad.  Ratatouille quiche is full of the classic zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes and peppers.  Or go caramelized onion and goat ch
PANORAMA:  It is hot and little-heat cooking is the way to go.  I adore the Catalan Tomato bread solution.  Grill a piece of halved baguette for 2 minutes. Rub with a clove of garlic. Squash a small ripe half tomato to a mush on the baguettes and sprinkle with salt and olive oil.  Or make a sandwhich for your classic  sliced tomato sandwiches.  Slathered with goat cheese maybe?  or mayo made whipped up with market eggs? Cherry Glen Goat Cheese is  right next door to Pano now.  Get your bread and your cheese for the week.  Breakfast at Pano every Saturday with all the new breakfast pastries.

Last but NEVER least is MOUNTAIN VIEW: their stand is overflowing with certified organic Fennel, chard , beets: golden and Mangolds. Bugs Bunny’s dream carrots, new potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, spring onions, rosemary, sweet marjoram, basil, lavender.
See you Saturday.

TED, Stephanie, Kealy

DID YOU KNOW.... that if you buy market tokens with your debit card, your two dollar atm fee does not fatten a bank but helps our WIC/Senior and food stamp programs.  We match food assistance benefits with bonus dollars, doubling up to ten dollars per benefit per person per week so that everyone can buy fresh, local, healthy foods.   SNAP, WIC, CV, SENIOR FMNP, PRODUCE PLUS are not only welcomed but matched.  Spread the word.

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