Friday, July 26, 2013

Bloomingdale's Showtime: "Listen to the greatest hits from Showtime's jukebox"

From the Washington Post Going Out Guide:

Listen to the greatest hits from Showtime’s jukebox

In Friday’s Weekend section, Showtime owner Paul Vivari — aka DJ Soul Call Paul — talks us through how he created D.C.’s finest jukebox in a neighborhood bar in Bloomingdale. As part of the story, I asked Vivari to pick five tracks that he thought best represented his jukebox, which is full of punchy rock-and-roll, effervescent girl-group hits, smooth Motown soul and deep ’70s funk.
#4912: “Bluebeard” by Link Wray
“It’s amazing. Just an amazing song. The best way to start.”
#5005: “Anatomy of a Murder” by Duke Ellington
“Duke only did a couple of movie soundtracks. This one is great.”
#5104: “You Can’t Make Me Doubt My Baby” by Bunker Hill
“He was a gospel artist who wanted to do secular music, so he went to Link Wray and got [Wray's] band to back him. It’s the craziest R&B you’ve ever heard — real primitive, with lots of raw shouting. He only made a couple of songs, and then he went back to gospel and never recorded [R&B] again.”
#5301: “One More Heartache” by Marvin Gaye
“People get confused because I don’t have ‘What’s Going On’ or ‘Sexual Healing’ in there, but his early ’60s soul always gets overlooked. ‘One More Heartache’ is a super up-tempo dance song. So I put it as song No. 1 on the CD, hoping everyone would play it, but of course everyone plays ‘It Takes Two’ or ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’”
#5403: “Like a Rolling Stone” by Phil Flowers
“This is my favorite Bob Dylan cover. It’s like eight minutes long and done at warp speed, and then it breaks down to this really heavy part for four minutes in the middle.”

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