Thursday, July 25, 2013

neighbor warns of brown recluse or black widow spider bite

See this 07-25-2013 message from a Bloomingdale neighbor:

word of warning to our neighbors:

be very careful outdoors, playing, gardening etc. in these summer months.  on monday i was bitten by either a brown recluse or a black widow spider.  not as serious as it sounds, my elbow blew up to the size of a large golf ball and the pain was nearly unbearable (alleve/advil/whatever do not help/work).  how did it happen…i was watering my plants on my back deck and saw a large web spanning a deck chair and my grill…i blasted it with the hose and somehow mr. spider landed on me.   he didn't like that.  I'm sorry to report i can't climb walls, spin webs or fly through the air…i seem to only be able to bang my elbow into things and scream like a girl.  please be careful friends.  - gary


Annonymous said...

Thanks for the warning (and the humor! funny!). I almost blasted a few webs in my front yard. I just planted several small hedgey-bushes and the spiders seem to love them... :/ I normally refuse to kill anything, but me thinks it's time for some poison. - Emilio

Stanvick said...

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the laugh this AM.-Chris

Todd said...

Over Christmas I was in Austria with my wife and son and Bloomingdale neighbors/friends Alan and Lisa and their daughter Olivia(Shout out!) and were enjoying a nice dish of Spaetzle at a slope side cabin-restaurant, I went to life my huge bierstein to take a refreshing draught and there in my face was a HUGE wolf spider crawling down into my beer. This thing was a monster and by the time i saw it it was about 2 inches from my mustache (yes, i also have a beard to go with it). I too screamed in a way that was not at all becoming to a grown man and involuntarily hurled my bierstein at Alan, spraying beer all over the room and smashing his plate in two pieces (the bierstein survived intact: a testament to german engineering). For the rest of lunch, the Austrians in the room were laughing their assess off and exclaiming "Der Speeeeder!! and mock screaming like girls. Alan, non-plussed went back to eating his Spaetzle off the two halves of his cloven problems.