Tuesday, July 23, 2013

planned Pepco power outage this evening around the 1st St NW between Seaton and Rhode Island, including some RI & Seaton NW

Pepco is addressing the recurring Bloomingdale power outages.

See this message just issued by Bloomingdame: 
Planned power outage at 9 pm tonight. First and RIAve area and Seaton NW. About two hours. If that fix doesn't work, it could be eight hours, but that should be permanent. 
And here are some informative tweets:

Drama in ! shutting off power to blocks around 1st & T due to cabling problems. Businesses closing, A/C off.

The outage at 9pm should impact about 88 customers for 2-3 hours. Pepco is going door to door now.


Bloomingdale Resident said...

Just to expand on my tweet - they are replacing cables tonight which will take 2 -3 hours. It started at 9:45. If that works, they will install new transformers in a few days, giving neighbors notice and time to prepare. If the cables do not fix the problem, they will have to install the transformers tonight (they have them on site) but the outage will be about eight hours.

Hope everyone gets through this ok, and that this will be the final fix for those neighbors affected.

SJ said...

There are residences in this area as well. A note or knock on my door would have been nice.