Thursday, July 18, 2013

? experience with Internet-connected alarm systems ?

See this request:
We are wondering if anyone has had any experience, good or bad, with Internet-connected alarm systems. We currently have an alarm system hooked up through a telephone line, but the only reason we have the phone line is to run the ADT alarm.
Any information would be helpful including what company you use and whether you would recommend them or not. We are happy to move to another company, since ADT is not particularly great.
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Ryan Eades said...

I'm not an ADT fanboy by any means, I have it by default. We installed Brinks when we moved in, then Brinks changed to Broadview, then ADT bought it all so now we are on ADT Pulse.

Also, we recently ditched the land line, which is when I found out the system was no longer being monitored. So we just got a $99 add on device (yes, ADT has a lot of these types of add ons) that montiors thru Internet. Works fine so far. Might be easier than going through an entire hardware equipment change to switch to a different system.

We looked at Comcast security, since we switched to their Internet as Verizon only offers DSL in our hood. But Comcast came in at $10 more per month for comparable service to ADT. They advertise $10 (or 20%) less than ADT, but it is at a lower service level.

I equate ADT with Big Box stores, I'd rather find an alternative on principle, but in the end, it was the easiest and most cost efficient thing to do to just stick with their service.

Good luck in your process.

Ryan Eades said...

Oh, one other thing, after the $99 install, it's either 10 or 15 bucks per month for the internet monitoring service. Annoying, but cheaper than the $50/month we were paying for a landline after all the taxes/fees, etc.

novadancer said...

we also have what Ryan mentioned (have had it for almost 3 years now) so the $99 definitely pays for itself after a few months! We don't pay extra for anything else but we also have a pretty good deal thru USAA (we pay $42/month).

Gertie Wickler said...

We use Front Point Security. It's a completely wireless system - panel, devices, everything. Very easy self-installation and extremely happy with the service. They also have an app which allows you to monitor things while away.

tugboat said...

I opted to buy and install the security equipment myself (upfront cost ~$300-500, depending on how you want to monitor the system -- cellular, internet/wifi, phone line -- and how many sensors you install). I use the Honeywell Lynx Touch system and it has turned out pretty well. It also allows you to control z-wave devices for home automation (I use it for automated outside light switches among others). The main benefit of this route is that you can service and add to it yourself and you can set up monitoring through another company for $8-15 per month, so you start saving after the first year of service and there are no contracts. You can also take it with you if you move. There are many other options these days as well, including those from the ISP and cable companies, Vivint, Lowe's Iris system, Simplisafe, etc.

drmichael00 said...

Thanks Ryan. Can you conform that ADT is only charging you $15 a month for monitoring? They just quoted me $52 a month for monitoring. That seems very high for what you get. They also want $99 for the switch.