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Bloomingdale Farmers Market this Sunday, 07-28-2013: Heirloom Tomatoes! Cukes! Peaches!

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Subject: BFM Heirloom Tomatoes! Cukes! Peaches!

Hi Fans of BFM,

Rain or shine, It will be cool enough Sunday to consider baking a tomato tart with all those jewel- like cherry tomatoes.   Or check out dozens of new ideas here:  You can slow roast toms  overnight  into a perfect tomato jam or even a oven dried tomato, you can toss them with exotic spaces and saute them. Make Nigella's Moonblush tomatoes.  Try cherry tomato pesto. Tomato bread soup.  Panzanella -- my favorite bread salad. Cherry Tomato Chutney from Jamie Oliver...

Want inspiration for the cucumbers?  Think about Cucumber Champagne Cocktails, Cucumber Almond Soup, Green Cucumber Gazpacho, Cucumber Ginger Salad, Chunky Greek Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and chevre.

Here's a new idea for summer squash?   I made a version of zucchini butter  last night  and then almost the same recipe popped up in my email this morning from Food52.   Delicious with lots of chopped herbs.

COOKING DEMO this week: Chef Colin McClimans, the new chef of Equinox,  cooks up something special from our market produce.  Come see and taste from 11-12:30.   Get some inspiration.


* Score some Hungarian Alma peppers at Mt View-- eat fresh or dry and grind them into real Hungarian Paprika
*Heirlooms are  prime now.
* Cherry Tomatoes are the perfect snack
*Number 1 Sons has brought back the Dilly beans and Masala Cider Beets
*Look out for Limas that MAY be ready to harvest at Garner this weekend
*FOUR pies at Whisked this week -- she is spoiling us rotten.

MOUNTAIN VIEWTONS of certified organic cherry tomatoes in colorful mixed pints. blush, baby romas, sungold, black cherries...In the Pepper pot, Attila has called upon his Hungarian pepper growing genes as he does each year at this time and the results are fabulous as always. Thin yellow peppers for roasting,  Alma Apple (paprika) peppers with thick flesh reminds me of the markets in Budapest.   Islander Purples too.  Cucumbers, summer squash. Beautiful Peruvian Blue Potatoes to roast with fresh garlic.  Slice up those large purple, white and yellow onions.

REID: Glen Glo Yellow and  Snow Brite White Peaches. Donut Peaches. Plums. Apricots. White Nectarine. The first summer apples: Pristine and Early Gold. Gooseberries! Currants. Blueberries and blackberries.

TRUCKPATCH:    Bryan prides himself on his heirloom tomatoes and he grows them like a winemaker grow grapes, pruning the underleaves to allow air flow, for instance.  Raspberries, tomatoes okra, green and purple beans, wax beans, summer squash of a heritage nature,  squash blossoms, raidshes, arugula, mesclun beets, eggplant, cucumbers, white  onions.

TRUCKPATCH FOR CARNIVORES: Pastured pork of all cuts from pigs who live outdoors as they should.  Shoulders for long slow smoking or barbecues? Chops for a quick grill? Sausages more numerous than I can list here.  Bacons.  Pork for burgers. Salt Pork, lard, scrapple.  Whole and " parted" chickens and turkey. Ground turkey makes a superb white chili.  Eggs!

KESWICK CREAMERY:  15 different cheeses. from cows that eat only grass or hay.  Aged raw milk tommes washed weekly in local ciders or beers or wine. Cheddars, Dragonsbreath,  Flavored fetas. Real quark -- what cream cheese aspires to be.Trty the mixed milk Camembert -- very French.   You can sample every single one of them.  If you have not tasted their yogurt, please try it this weekend.  It is the best in the area and fabulous with peaches or berries.  Don't like fruit? well, make cucumber soup or tzatsiki or raita?  Dollop on grilled eggplant..

GARNER: Harvesting from their field of Heirloom tomatoes.  Watermelons in yellow and red.  Cherry tomatoes. Primo red tomatoes. A lovely choice of melons: cantaloupes, fascination, sun.  Corn of course. Red spuds.  Rainbow pepers. P8cling and straight 8 cukes. Green, yellow and flat italian beans.  Eggplants. Summer squash in 8 varieties. CAndy sweet onions. Oregano, mint, basil. Okra. blackberries.

WHISKED: Jenna is really on a rolll -- 4 pies!  Nectarine blackberry,  Peach Jalapeno (yes, a little heat to offset the sweet peaches), blueberry and "DAIRY FREE" peach ones.  Want a quiche?  Corn/Tomato or Kale and Feta make a great lunch or brunch or light dinner with

NUMBER 1 SONS: the gurus of DC's fermented pickles and krauts and kimchi.  Did you know that a local farmer is growing 4,000 cucumber plants for their many different  New York Deli style pickles.  Or that kimchi cools you off on a hot day?  Or that their delicous krauts MAKE a barbecue.  Dilly beans and Masala Cider this week are back.

PAINTED HAND:  Chicken Eggs.  Humanely raised rose veal. Naturally Browsed Goat. Bloomingdog's favorite liver treats.

PANORAMA:     Start your breakfast here with breakfast pastries to nibble while you shop the market.  The breakfast pastries look exactly like the ones I see here in small French pastry shops.   Many breads -- they all freeze well -- wrapped in tin foil and a freezer bag.  Cut them into the size you need and you will have  bread every day.

NORTH MT PASTURES: Eggs, cured meats, bacons and a variety of breakfast and savory sausages.

Ted, Ted & Charlotte.

Please Spread the word that we not only welcome all 5 food access programs: SNAP Food Stamps, WIC, CVC, SENIOR FMNP, PRODUCE PLUS but we match them with BONUS DOLLARS!  Come to the market table to learn more.

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