Saturday, July 27, 2013

mugging near 3rd & U Street NW in LeDroit Park Friday afternoon, 07-26-2013, 5 pm; iPhone taken

See this 07-27-2013 message from a LeDroit Park resident:  

I got mugged by the circle by 3rd and U NW on my way home at 5pm last night by a couple teenage boys. It was pretty out of the blue.  One of the boys came up behind me and sort of bear-hug like grabbed me, got a hold of the phone and then ran across the street in (eastward). I didn't call the police (couldn't do that :) ) but then I went across the street through the yard they had cut through and told the woman who'd been standing right there with her little girl. I don't think she saw it happen but I told her and either she or someone else had called the police who showed up about 2 minutes later. She tried to run around the house to see where they'd gone but they were out of sight by then. It was just one officer at first and then more cop cars came and eventually a detective. They took a full report and everything and made sure I was ok (I was totally fine). They offered me a ride home after but I declined, because I was only a minute walk from home. The responders were very sincere and helpful. They had me use the Find my Iphone app on their phone (the kids had already turned it off). I've been in contact with the detective via email to give him additional info re: the phone. I don't think I'll get it back but I am giving it another day I guess in case.
The attackers didn't say anything at at the time. I think at first I thought they were just messing with me but then they took my phone. They didn't taunt me or swear or anything. It all happened very fast. There was an ice cream truck driver who watched it all happen and he chased after them and cornered them but backed off when one pulled out a knife (he described all this, i never saw a knife).
Just wanted to share as I'd want to know if this happened to someone so close to where I live! It really felt like a super random and bizarre thing so I am hoping this kind of thing doesn't pick up. I always felt like my little neighborhood was safer than others/closer to North Capitol.


Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

iPhone displayers, take note.

Bloomingdale Resident said...

Sorry to hear about this, but hope the victim was not physically injured.

Some Bloomingdale neighbors and I walked by the scene during the garden tour, but we didn't know why all the police cars were there. It's hard to believe that that could happen on a sunny afternoon with so many people out.

Did anyone hear any details about the armed robbery at Second and Thomas last week?

mona said...

did anyone hear about the two burglaries on 100 block of Adams st NW. One was successful in the middle of the block. The house on the corner was stopped by the alarm system but happened about 1/2 hr after the first house. The Sunday prior to this there was a successful burglary at the southeast corner of 1st and Adams.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Mona -- do you know if the two crimes that you are referencing have appeared in the crime reports yet?

mona said...

the one in the middle of the 100 block did make it to the crime report. I believe they gave the full address. The house near Flagler didn't make report, they didn't actually enter the property and no property was destroyed.