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Bloomingdale Farmers Market Sunday -- Crazy tomato sale and watermelons too

Subject: BFM Sunday--Crazy tomato sale and watermelons too
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 17:53:14 -0400

Hi BFM fans!

  • Crazy Canning Tomato Sale at Garner: 25lbs of good seconds for $15.  Make sauce, have a Bloody Mary party, serve everyone you know gazpacho, oven dry tomatoes. Email  Write BFM on Subject line. Cutoff time will be 4 pm on Saturday for Sunday
  • Great early Apples at Reid, thanks to cool nights.
  • Peach Raspberry Pie at Whisked is Jenna’s favorite pie.
  • Corn, Tomato and Basil Quiche at Whisked makes its first 2014 appearance.
  • Lima beans and black eyed peas at Garner-- think of them as America's edamame!
  • Watermelon sale continues at Garner.
Watermelon ideas:  Grilled with Tequila, spicy chutney, maple watermelon sherbert, with arugula salad, with feta dressed with a lemon vinaigrette, with goat cheese, in a tomato salad, in a boozy lemonade...    Okra Season:  Southern Living put together their 12 best okra recipes and they are all tempting: Peppery grilled okra with lemon- basil dipping sauce, Smashed Fried Okra, Pickled Okra and Shrimp Salad, Skillet roasted Okra, Okra Rellenos, Fried Pecan Okra...
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REID: The wonderful peaches and nectarines continue in yellow and white.  The donuts are funny flat orbs with good peachy flavor.  Originally Chinese.  Blueberries and blackberries abound.  Did you know that blackberries are not really berries at all?  They are drupes, aggregate fruits made up of tiny fruits, each around a hard kernel.

But the story of the week is that the really good apples have started, propelled by cool evenings to ripen early with excellent flavor and crisp firmness.  Zestar, Ginger Gold, Sansa, Mollie's Delicious start the parade of 75 varieties of apples that will grace Connor's tables before we close at the end of November.  Taste them all at the stand.

TRUCK PATCH FARMS: Black Krim, Stripped German, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple are just a few of the heirlooms Bryan babies like a vineyard grower. Market red tomatoes are bountiful, as are Cherry Tomatoes in a rainbow of colors --the perfect sweet snack. Salad and greens central even when it is hot and steamy: Arugula, Mesclun, Spinach, Kale, Dino Kale, Swiss Chard plus beets, peppers, and eggplant Check out the summer squash - green and yellow Zucchini, Crookneck Squash, Pattypan Squash.  Armenian cucumbers are always gentle. Garden Cucumbers and small pickling cucumbers too.  Lots of Pre Pesto Fresh Basil! – now is the time to make pesto for the winter. Cantaloupes and Watermelons.

 TRUCK PATCH FIRMS:  Bacon, Bacon, and more bacon thin and thick cut Sage sausage, maple sausage, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, kielbasa , bratwurst.  Ground pork, bone-in pork chops, boneless and bone-in butt. Hammocks, fat back, pork liver, ham steaks, and pig feet. Spare ribs and country ribs, and pork loin. Whole free-range chickens, boneless chicken breast, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, and chicken wings. Sorry guys.. NO TURKEY PARTS until late fall...,

Stacia  also take special requests—so just ask her.

IVY BRAND:  The cooler weather has brought back the lettuce and beets.  Cherry and salad tomatoes, Tomatoes (heirlooms and red slicers), Potatoes and fingerling  potatoes, Cucumbers, Kale, Carrots, Beets, Garlic, Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, Summer Squash, Delicata Winter Squash, Scallions and Hot Peppers.  All certified organic.

KESWICK CREAMERY:  Mark and Melanie’s dairy farm and creamery create handcrafted artisanal cheeses from cow and goat milk produced on their grass- based farm. in Newburg, Pennsylvania.  20 different aged raw milk and fresh pasteurized cheese include Alpine style tommes, cheddars, fetas, ricottas, yogurt, mixed milk “camemberts,” Austrian style cream cheese (quark), Dutch style Vermeer, and this year’s sell out Caporella – is it a burrata, a mozzarella?   Taste and pair with you favorite tomatoes. Or if you are celebrating DC Beer week, Mark's cheeses go very well with artisanal beers.  They even soak one of their tommes in Troeg weekly.  Did you know Pimento Cheese is considered "the caviar of the South"?

NUMBER 1 SONS:  Fresh Half Sours are back.  Add kimchi to your devilled eggs or egg salad.  Adorn your grilled tubes or veg with various krauts. Even people who don’t  like German Sauerkraut love the Central American variety, Rosetido. or Acapulco.   Pickle juice makes an awesome dirty martini and a mean marinade for Truck Patch's pork...see the pix on our fb page....

GARNER: Cantaloupes. Fascination Melon. Sun Melons. Watermelon SALE in yellow and seedless reds. Green beans. Bicolor Corn, yellow and red and hot peppers, blackberries, 20 varieties of tomatoes, purslane, okra, chard, arugula, beets, sungold tomatoes, 8 different summer squashes. Thai, Italian and Japanese eggplant. Mint, dill and parsley are very versatile herbs and play well together.
 PANORAMA : French breakfast pastries like palmiers, almond croissants plus the plain and chocolate crosisants, baguettes, the olive oil buns that grace the 25 dollar hamburgers at Central and the Rustiques they serve only at Central and CityZen.  Sandwich breads, too.  If they are out of a bread you crave, ask them to save one for you for next week.  Late risers: they have lots of whole wheat, multi-grain and sourdough boules and loaves that sell out early. So reserve what you want! Email if you do not see something you want, please.
 WHISKED: Jenna says her Peach raspberry is irresistible and her favorite pie. Nectarine Blueberry continues as does the all-blueberry pie.  Corn, Tomato Basil quiche says August to me. Provencal ratatouille quiche.  Lots of the best cookies, too.  They make a great host(ess) gift…

PRODUCE PLUS: Please spread the word about the Produce Plus at market.  Just show a Medicaid, WiC, SNAP/EBT card, Senior Check, CSFP Card and we give you $10 in checks for fruits and vegetables at the market PLUS $10 in bonus dollars to buy fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs.  That's $20 a week!  (And you can use your WIC, CVC, SENIOR and FVRx as well)

Bike Clinic on as always from 11-1, staffed by the wonderful volunteers of the Bike House..

Teds, Rachel and Robin

Robin Shuster
14&U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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