Thursday, August 07, 2014

Q: suspended street sweeping on 2nd Street NW ... ?

A question from a 2nd Street NW resident:

In a community email last week it said, if I understood it, that street sweeping and therefore alternate side parking was being suspended from last week until next march due to first street tunnel work.  
Street sweeping was done on both Monday and Tuesday.  
Am I misunderstanding something?


Alex Dancingmantis said...

We had a confused looking sweeper drive up and down the unit block of V NW 5 times on Thursday. (Not a regular sweeping day.) No one was towed from either side of the street, and I haven't heard about any tickets yet. I think there may be some communication problems going on.

E.E. said...

Ticketing and towing is suspended, not sweeping. They will just drive around cars whose owners are too lazy to find other spaces for them.