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McMillan - 08-25-2014 submittal download link (translation: see what VMP submitted to the Zoning Commission on 08-25-2014)

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 19:20:36 -0400
Subject: FW: McMillan - 8/25 Submittal Download Link

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Subject: McMillan - 8/25 Submittal Download Link

Below is the download link for all files VMP submitted to the Zoning Commission on August 25th in preparation for the September 29th Hearing. The files include the following:

A. Revised Architectural Drawings

a. Reduced Height of Healthcare Facility to 115 Feet
b. Multifamily/Grocery Reconfigured Loading Facilities

B. Transportation Performance Plan

C. Community Benefits Chart and Payment Schedule

D. Community Benefits Offer and Acceptance Letters

a. D.C. Education Fund (D-1)
b. Community Foundation of the National Capital Region (D-2)
c. Workforce Development - Opportunity McMillan Implementation Plan (D-3)
d. North Capitol Main Street, Inc. (D-4)

E. Schedule of PUD Site Improvements

a. Construction Phasing Chart (E-1)
b. Building Permit and Construction Deadlines for PUD Order (E-2)
c. DMPED Commitment Letter (E-3)

F. Updated PUD Conditions

G. Commitment Letter from DMPED

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Shaw Henry
Project Manager
EYA | JAIR LYNCH Development Partners | Trammell Crow Company
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Daniel in brookland said...

Why not include the all the testimony at the Zoning Hearings which was overwhelmingly opposed to any building height, or any horrible VMP buildings at all.
VMP hired Fontaine Company to subvert our opposition, we know where those testimony came from,, their list of community sell outs.
Testimony to Zoning Case #13-14 Vision McMillan Partners applicant
July 11, 2014
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture

We must have the guts to stand up for a sustainable future for our children. To oppose the financial, industrial, political and social structures that are destroying the earth's environment, to stop these excessive land development monstrosities, and their consumption of our resources. We must have the integrity, to deny abuse of power, malfeasance in office, and institutional corruption, a culture of corruption in the DC govt. destructive to our city, our families, our quality of life, our health and the earth. We have to be strong and brave and do what is right, to conserve the green space for a healthy quality of life. It is treason against posterity to support the same destructive things that are causing this environmental cataclysm. Massive out of scale, out of balance projects, the VMP PUD, this grossly out of proportion plan from applicant Vision McMillan Partners must be rejected and the safe, healthy sustainable alternatives explored. McMillan Park is public property, and no politician, developer or the Zoning Commission have the right to overwhelm the public good with this misguided project by applicant development conglomerate.
Vision McMillan Partners have had a community meeting to present their TIS, Traffic Impact Study for McMillan Development Plan. This proposed development is on a DC and National Registered Historic Site, a site protected by our Historic Preservation Laws. You would think this is some kind of Parody or Horror Movie spoof. They will demolish 80% of the site, including 20 acres of "protected" underground filtration galleries perfect for adaptive re-use as "vertical farms", sustainable urban agriculture. see this video on "vertical" farming, we can feed DC from McMillan!
The Zoning Commission must reject the applicant's plan, for it's destruction of this DC and Nationally Registered protected historic site, destruction of productive underground galleries and destructive impact on local traffic congestion. They plan to cross the site with more than 6 new "private" streets, and leave two forlorn rows of historic structures peaking out from amid 50 buildings in the ultra modern "brutalist" style, and 3000 parking spacesDevelopment equally excessive in size is also planned for Armed Forces Retirement Home and more development at North Capitol for Catholic University as well. How far behind are many more developments, compounding each and every negative impact, already unacceptable and destructive to the community by the excessive Vision McMillan Partners Monstrosity? We all have a responsibility for a livable city, we have a right to expect our city zoning, and planning agencies to protect the interests of DC residents, the applicant must be rejected. A livable city includes proper large outdoor green spaces and decent open air recreation, Save McMillan Park for our families, and children.
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
Join our lawsuit to stop the monster, and fight the anti community Fontaine Company who subverted our democratic community input!

OSr Group said...
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