Sunday, August 10, 2014

next on the horizon for Bloomingdale: DCRA raze permits

Did you see the DCRA raze permit for 1801-1803 6th Street NW in Shaw?  

This is not located in any designated DC historic district.

A demolition rather than a pop-up.  Hmmm.  

See the raze permit below.

Here is the pic of the two properties at the corner of 6th St NW and S St NW that accompanied the above DCRA raze permit.

We are having a pop-up explosion in Bloomingdale right now.
What's next on the Bloomingdale horizon?
Total building demolition to be replaced by new construction.
That's what's next on the horizon for Bloomingdale.

Look forward to the DCRA raze permits.

It could be in either a R-4 or a C-2-A zoned area of Bloomingdale.

But expect it.

Now pop-ups won't go away.

But expect permits to demolish buildings in Bloomingdale to be replaced by all new construction.

Just like in neighboring Shaw.

And what do I expect after that?

Stay tuned.


Bloomingdale Resident said...

The thought of a house in Bloomingdale being razed is terrifying. Aside from losing one of our historic homes, which some people may not care about, the prospect of having an abutting house torn down by a contractor who may not know what he is doing, with little or no oversight by DCRA could be disastrous. We have been fortunate til now (as far as I know) not to have a building collapse like the ones that I have seen in Shaw, Mt. Vernon Square, and H Street.

Unknown said...

If this is the house I'm thinking of, it should probably be razed. It looked like it might fall into the street or down upon itself from issues with the foundation, mortar, or just lack of general upkeep. I have no idea about the one next to it though.


Nate said...


If the building is decrepit to the point of falling down, what is wrong with razing it? I haven't been by this property, but this news would be more worthwhile if it was accompanied by some information on the current state of the building. Its hard to tell from that picture.

Unknown said...

I haven't walked past it in a month or two but the real damage can be seen on the sides and rear of the house. I seem to remember the chimney falling off the side of the house and some serious settling issues on the non-party wall.

For those that use the Shaw/Howard metro, just cut down S towards the Wonder Bread factory. You'll walk right past it on the Northeast corner of that intersection (S and 6th streets NW).

I'm trying to think of a home in Bloomingdale with the same level of deterioration as this one to offer a comparison. The settling issues are much more pronounced than the recently renovated one on 1st street between Randolph and S (was renovated and painted gray). The mortar deterioration is worse than the house on the corner of 1st and V (southeast side).