Monday, August 18, 2014

comparing the City Vista Safeway, the H Street WalMart, the NoMa Harris Teeter and the CityMarket at O Giant

See this article from today's Washington Post.


Which nearby supermarkets do Bloomingdale residents patronize ?


Unknown said...

Here is an interesting thought. From the corner of First and T St. NW, it is .9 miles to the Harris Teeter, .9 miles to the O St. Giant, .8 miles to the Sav A Lot and Big Lots and .9 miles to the corner of N. Capitol and Michigan where the possibility of a new grocery store exists. That's something to keep in mind when people talk about developing McMillan Park. That grocery store, if it's ever built will be no closer than any of the other grocery stores.

otr214426 said...
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