Thursday, August 28, 2014

missed tonight's DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Forum meeting? See this crop of tweets from the meeting

See this assortment of tweets from Bloomingdame from this evening's DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Forum meeting:

First St NW will close at V - week of Sept 15 thru Nov 2014.

Construction is now active at all 4 sites. If you see a problem, say something. 1 (844) 378-4636

. asks neighbors to respect construction zone fencing for their own protection. There will be deep trenches soon.

. As other reports approved, they will be uploaded monthly. Data to be discussed at future Forum mtg

. to post weekly reports on noise and vibration- March, April, May up soon.

Tree pruning starts after Labor Day in 1st & V Sts-north Working with , will prune. Watch 4 No Parking


Daniel in brookland said...

Why was the Rock Creek Tunnel cancelled and all those nice "green infrastucture" measures used up there? Don't want to put the rich neighborhood through all this misery. The First Street Tunnel is to develop McMillan and Armed Forces Retirement Home,,, not to take care of your flooding. Don't vote for Kenyan, write in "Save McMillan Park". The only way you get a voice in this miserable development, monstrosity, MISTAKE, CORRUPTION,

Unknown2 said...

I just wish that I was informed of these meetings prior to them happening. Can a notice be posted in the neighborhood in a more tradition signage method? I do not have the opportunity to read things electronically. I hear the neighbors talking about these meetings, but never get informed prior to the date.

I also work past 7pm. Can any consideration be given to a neighborhood meeting that starts a little later or on a weekend…at least just once to catch us all up?

And where is the "petition" for 1st street? Does it really exist? No one has come to my door for a signature and I have looked and begged to sign it and some promise to bring it and it never shows up.

Odd tactics to build a grassroots effort. How can the rest of us get involved and help?

Unknown said...

The First Street Tunnel Forum typically meets on the fourth Thursday of the month. The first meetings were held at 6:30 and now are held at 7. They last until 9 - you can arrive late and still participate.

If you have a question, or a concern that you want to pass on to DC Water, you can call the hotline at 1-844-378-4636. DC Water has an office on First Street. You could ask for someone to meet with you there.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Unknown2: "I just wish that I was informed of these meetings prior to them happening. I do not have the opportunity to read things electronically." But you just posted this message here at the Bloomingdale Neighborhood blog, correct? All of the DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Forum meeting announcements are posted here, so keep reading this blog and you will then know about the meetings.

Unknown2 said...
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