Tuesday, August 12, 2014

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting -- Thursday, 08-14-2014

On Aug 12, 2014, at 7:11 PM, Devi Bengfort <devi@bengfort.com> wrote:
Dear MAG,
This is a reminder that the MAG will meet Thursday, August 14th, at All Nation's Baptist Church, 2001 North Capitol St NE. 
The Agenda is as follows:

  • Zoning/CBA update
  • MAG Letter to Mayor's Agent (see attached)
  • Other Business


Daniel in brookland said...

Vision McMillan Partners and Jeff miller (formerly Vice President Trammel Crow) Deputy Mayor for "Planning" and Economic Development are harming the global environment, damaging the gracious urban plan of our city, and have violated laws, and ethics to force this monstrous development on an unaware population. They are required by the United states e constitution to govern with the informed consent of the people. Why haven't they put the VMP plan , or the sensible alternative saving McMillan Park to a ballot referendum?
Why have they hired a PR firm, Fontaine Compnay to pollute the community input process.Why are they spending $10,000 a month with top gun lobbyist Carmen Group, to coopt corrupt city council members? This pig fest of builders and their servants on the city council and mayors office is harming our future, our environment. Every housing unit built for the rich at our park, is one less they re-claim from derelict boarded up houses. why aren't we renovating the bombed out buildings along the Red Line,,that have all the windows broken out and sit there for decades?
Just stop them,,,people ,, you can do it,, THEY ARE WRONG, and it is just this excessive urbanization that has brought the world to environmental catastrophe...Vote out McDuffie, indict Gray, fire Jeff Miller. The deceit, manipulation, lies, have to be punished. Keeping the park fenced off for 28 years has to be punished. We have storm water that could be cleaned and re-used, DC Water is making a mess of the mitigation.
McMillan is a community owned park, must stay community owned and be our base for recreation, urban agriculture, safe water security, arts and performance/festival open space, a Wolf Trap concert Hall,,,STOP them,,,you can do it!!
MAG, thank you for doing the right thing, but don't give concessions to the unethical conglomerate, demand the restoration of McMillan, let them go build on the Washington Hospital Center where the parking lots cause the storm water runoff,,,we don't want 3000 parking spaces instead of McMillan Park.I assumed MAG was a contrived, phony community group set up by the unethical developers, to stifle real community input, thanks for you honest opposition, good for you.

AER said...

What a clear-eyed document. Someone needs to read this resolution to Roger K. Lewis, whose vision, or more exactly, discrimination, is so poor. I laughed with deep appreciation to read the resolution's matching of Lessard Design's townhouses to other townhouses built by EYA in the suburbs. I would argue in addition that the office buildings VMP has submitted as of special merit are ringers for the mid-century-revival apartment buildings recently raised in Shaw (also completely unsympathetic to their location). I'm a DC-born Ward 4 resident who has always loved McMillan Park even in its disheveled, fenced-off state and believes that an historic site of the size and importance of McMillan should not be obliterated by the banal, destructive VMP plan. In the words of Daniel Burnham, "Make no small plans." While the VMP plan is big in size, its special merit is microscopic.