Thursday, August 07, 2014

Vision McMillan Partners: "Dr. Kurt Newman, CEO of Children's National Medical Center, strongly supports the VMP plan"

See this 08-07-2014 tweet from Vision McMillan Partners:

Dr. Kurt Newman - CEO of Children's National Medical Center - strongly supports the VMP plan for a
11:02 AM - 7 Aug 2014 

Click on the URL above to see the two-page letter.


Unknown said...

And so the question remains - would Children's make use of the medical office space were this project to be realized? Or is this two-paged letter just an individual voicing their support?

BCA MAG Representative

Bloomingdale Resident said...

If the CNMC so strongly supports the VMP plan, why did they wait until weeks after the Zoning Commission closed the record on the case to submit a letter of support?

It is a little sad that the CEO praises a small garden (that will be a transit hub) and an open space on top of Cell 14 (that he calls a park), but I guess it does seem "world class" compared to the huge surface parking lot next to his building (which also contributes to the storm water runoff in Bloomingdale).

Bloomingdale Resident said...

"Highly interested." That's what I kept hearing from my real estate agent about the people who were looking at my house - just not for the price I was asking.

Anonymous said...

Exactly this. The entire hospital complex is suburban style blah, with tons of parking lots that should more appropriately be underground, with any "necessary" office building built over the parking lot instead of McMillan. I'm certainly more sympathetic than many others here about the value of developing the site, but I've always been suspicious of why they're building a giant office park on land that could be in a park when across the street land is more valuable as surface parking than as developed office buildings. It just doesn't add up.

Daniel in brookland said...

I had the idea for the "Healing Garden" in my testimony to HPRB, as part of McMillan Park, restored, and preserved for future generations, our kids, and our families, like Sen. McMillan planned 100 years ago.
A healing garden for the children and their parents to walk in a park, wow radical concept. not a McPark, lawn on private condo mall. A healing garden, sustainable agriculture (see video) not in the shadow of gargantuan buildings and backed up traffic and auto emission pollution.

VMP latched onto my idea, just as they came along kicking and screaming with every improvement from 200 coercive community meetings, in their miserable super urbanization, "National Harbor" type Shlock "plan"!
Mary Pat Rowan, Brookland landscape architect has fought for McMillan Park for 25 years. On this you tube video,
she exposes the unethical fake "grassroots" PR campaign that Deputy Mayor Jeff Miller and VMP have hired to pollute our legitimate community opposition to this humongous, wrong, anti-environmental massive concrete "heat island". Where we already have a park, and only in DC could this be so diminished by cynical yuppies.This whole thing is so stupid, what distortion of our critical environmental imperative is 3000 parking spaces, when it is precisely the parking lots across Michigan that must be re-engineered.
So when we have more childhood asthma, less green space for children, then this CEO at Children's National Medical Center should be ashamed of himself, used to sell this atrocious , deterioration of our health in ward 5.
Is Children's National Medical Center getting a fat subsidy from VMP, like WAMU, the ANC and its Community Benefits Agreement? Here VMP offers a bribe to get permanent pledge support, not legal. Don't you ask why all this unethical, subversion, coercion,spreading of millions of dollars around is so necessary, Roger K. Lewis prostituting himself, with complete distortion in his column. The Carmen Group, DC's top government lobbyists, paid $10,000 a month paid by Trammel Crow to subvert DC City Council. Imagine subverting the most corrupt, unethical, fraudulently elected felons, masquerading as elected officials, the laughing stock of the entire world, the DC City Council and Mayor (unindicted) Gray, that is really something! Now VMP, I know you don't give a flying F about any laws, fair practices, ethical bidding, or anything other than getting $100 millions of public land "surplussed" to you rmiserable inadequate, poorly designed "plan". You in such a contorted way, are good, You have been sucking on the public teet all these years, getting fat, maybe some day you'll design decent developments, not this one though! This VMP plan is wrong, it's a failure, and only the corruption of the DC City Council , and it's embarrassing list of convictions, fraudulent elections and "questionable ethics" couls ever allow this to happen. STOP VMP, support real parks for Ward 5, a national treasure, McMillan Park.